On-Demand Workshops


Workshop - Evaluating Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solutions

Are you looking for the right data warehouse and business intelligence solution that is right for your organization? What are the key factors that you should keep in mind when making the decision?

In this two- part workshop, we are going to share with you a proven structured way to define your requirements in DIY (Do It Yourself), prioritize them and then evaluate various solutions that are available in the market.

Workshop - Redefining The Branch Experience; What Functions Does A Branch Need To Deliver

Credit Union Branches plays an important role in serving their customers. But with a changing scenario, there is a need to redefine the branch experience strategy for the Credit Union members.

In this two part workshop we will discuss how to take a step and what all needs to be done in bringing these changes.

Workshop - Adapting your Underwriting and Loss Forecasting Models to COVID-19

With an increasing credit flow, the usual approach of existing underwriting criteria will not work.Be a part of this two part online workshop that will help you learn to adapt your models to unprecedented times.

Driving Data Governance Practice

Managing and governing your data effectively and efficiently is a challenge for every organization and their executives. This six-part on-demand workshop will help you learn to classify and manage your data as well as understand the policies and procedures for approving data access.

Measuring What Matters

This six-part on-demand workshop will help create value-driven teams and transforms how credit unions work in unison with all the efforts being directed towards the initiatives that matter for the overall success.

Consumer Lending Case Studies

Credit Union executives love when they get an opportunity to learn from their peers in the industry. The practical insights that they receive from other credit unions ensure that they are investing their resources in applying the proven methods

CULytics has bought you a case-study course on consumer lending that includes case studies from the most progressive credit unions like, First Tech FCU, Our Community CU, WSECU among others.

Finance Case Studies

Finance is an important part of any organization and for a financial institution, there are several things to be taken care of when it comes to managing finance. What's better than an opportunity to learn these planning directly from your peers?

Through this on-demand session on finance, get the best case study stories about credit unions like First Tech FCU, Alliant CU, and Southpoint Financial CU among others.

Data Warehousing Case Studies

Managing large data is very important for any organization. But it is challenging when it comes to understanding data warehouse techniques. What if you could actually learn how your peers are managing their data, and then invest the resources accordingly the proven methods.

With this in mind, CULytics has bought you a case-study course on a data warehouse that includes case studies from the credit unions like, Sound CU, Capital CU, St. Mary's Bank among others.

Credit Card Case Studies

Credit card business is a risk-taking job. Institutions need to constantly keep a check on credit risk from the expected revenue and the expected loss.

To help financial institutions with this, CULytics has brought a cases-study course around credit card transformation, which includes case studies from different credit unions like First Tech FCU, SAFE CU, WSECU, and Vibrant Credit Union, among others. These sessions will provide you the perspective of how these credit unions are managing their credit card strategies.

Marketing Transformation Case Studies

Marketing is an important factor for any business. With development and advancement in technology, organizations are looking for a new approach for marketing.

CULytics has bought together a course around marketing transformation case studies, where leaders from credit unions like BECU, Partners CU, Dupaco Community Credit Union, and Veridian CU among others will be sharing their marketing practices that will benefit you by working towards the proven methods.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

With digitization, marketing has become more personal than before. It is more about emotional engagement, social messaging, customized, and personalized content than features alone. Organizations need to understand the customer’s needs and how to reach them in a most efficient manner.

These case studies around digital marketing from the credit union leaders will help you understand your digital marketing initiatives, and provide you guidance on how to manage your strategies.

Strategy Case Studies

What is your strategy when moving towards digital transformation. We have compiled some case study stories from different credit unions like First Tech FCU, ORNL Federal Credit Union, and other financial institutions that will help you with your strategic initiatives in your journey towards digital transformation.

Branch Transformation Case Studies

Retail banking is changing very fast with more technology savvy members and more capabilities being offered by digital banking platform. How is your credit union coping up with these changes?

This on-demand session on branch transformation includes some of the best case studies from credit unions like - SafeAmerica Credit Union and Vibrant Credit Union. These sessions will benefit you with your transformation journey.

Member Engagement Case Studies

Credit Unions aim to achieve greater levels of member engagement from their members. With the rapidly changing their industry, they need to align their people, processes, and technology in order to increase their member engagement.

This session of member engagement case studies includes practical insights from credit unions leaders that share ways to make your members more engaged.

Data Analytics Strategies Case Studies

Strong data analytics practice has become imperative for the success of financial institutions. CULytics has created this on-demand session on data analytics where leaders from different financial institutions share their data analytics practices that they have applied in their organizations.

Cultural and Organizational Transformation Case Studies

In their digital transformation journey, financial institutions need to go through certain organizational changes so that their business and members are not impacted by the change.

CULytics has bought together case studies around cultural and organizational transformations from the Suncoast Credit Union and First Republic Bank that would help your institution transform as per the new changes.

Data Governance Case Studies

The data governance stewardship is fast-growing, and it’s often challenging to efficiently keep a track of all your data. We have compiled some case studies from several financial institutions that would help you in a better understanding of the data governance and how to classify and manage your data as well as understand the policies and procedures for approving data access.

Automation Case Studies

In order to manage the work efficiently, credit unions need to have automation on their side. Automation tools help credit unions become more agile. This case study course by CULytics around automation that explains the role of automation in transforming the business of finance.