Transformation Stories from 2020 Summit

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Transformation Challenge from 5th Annual CULytics Summit

About This Course

About this Course

Credit Union leaders, present in a speed round format, on how they have been driving innovation through data in their respective Credit Unions. They share their big wins and lessons learnt with the credit union community.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Adopting API Lead Approach?
  • Defining Executive KPIs
  • Leveraging ACH data to produce real outcomes ?
  • Driving data driven changes, in areas such as member engagement and loan growth.

Workshop Content


Leveraging ACH Data to produce Real Outcomes| Martin Walker | Sound Credit Union

In this video learn how to make the best of ACH data and how to Leverage ACH Data to Produce Real Outcomes.Learn about the tools of transformation you need to choose. Learn how to make it easier for members to do business with you and how to provide more personalized services./p>


Martin Walker

Digital Platform Ecosystem and Innovation Manager, Sound Credit Union

Martin is the Digital Platform Ecosystem and Innovation Manager for Sound Credit Union. He has spent the past 20 years leading digital transformation efforts for organizations in the sports and entertainment, food service, retail, and financial industries. Martin has a BS in Marketing Management and an MBA from WGU Washington.


API Lead Approach | Jordan Lehrman | Solarity Credit Union

In this video, learn about API Lead approach adopted by Solarity Credit Union.Learn how to integrate disparate systems into a single data model, create a 360 degree view of members and expedite development time from months to days.


Jordan Lehrman

Vice President of Information Technology, Solarity Credit Union

Jordan is an Experienced IT Leader at Solarity Credit Union with a proven track record in digital transformations.


Executive KPI’s- The pulse of the Organization |Kelly Gage |Red Canoe Credit Union

In this video, learn how to build a dashboard with executive KPI’s and define measurements for your Credit Union. Also learn how to monitor and maintain consistency.


Kelly Gage

Senior BI Analyst, Red Canoe Credit Union

Kelly is the Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst at Red Canoe Credit Union, working with leadership to develop a data-driven culture and creating efficiencies for staff. Prior to joining Red Canoe, Kelly spent 16 years at WSECU in several roles from Licensed Investment Assistant to Consumer Lending Research Analyst, where she discovered her love of data and skills in communicating between technical staff and business users.


Member Engagement | Hillary Nelson | Wings Financial Credit Union

In this video, know all you need to understand about member engagement, essential components of member experience, and how to build conversations around member experience from the example of Wings Financial Credit Union


Hillary Nelson

Data Solutions Consultant, Wings Financial Credit Union

Hillary Nelson serves Wings Financial Credit Union as a Data Solutions Consultant. Her unique experience on both the business and the technical side of data-driven organizations allows her to bridge the gap between the consumers of data solutions and the developers who build them. She is passionate about taking complex data problems and turning them into easily understandable and business-impacting solutions.


The Amazon Lending Experience | Jaynel Christensen | Commonwealth Credit Union

In this video, know all you need to understand about loan growth , and driving data driven changes.Learn from the experience of Commonwealth Credit Union, their challenges and big wins.


Jaynel Christensen

Vice President of Consumer Lending, Commonwealth CU

Jaynel Christensen is the VP of Lending for Commonwealth Credit Union of Kentucky, a $1.36B asset financial institution with just over 107,000 members. She attended KY State University for her undergraduate studies and received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Jaynel started her career with Commonwealth CU in October 2001 as a loan officer. She loves technology and lending, which makes the partnership with CuneXus a natural fit.


Team Member Readiness |Kevin Landel | Patelco Credit Union

In this video, know all you need to understand how to generate answers quickly, and keep your team up to date on the latest fixes and information.


Kevin Landel

SVP, Innovation and Payments Strategy, Patelco Credit Union

Kevin Landel is Senior Vice President of Innovation and Payments Strategy for Patelco Credit Union. Currently at Patelco, Kevin is focused on providing data-driven financial health solutions for the members, and creating a streamlined omni-channel experience for all of their needs.


Member Overview Dashboard |Ken Senus|St Mary's Bank Credit Union

In this video, know how to get to know members, and build a member overview dashboard successfully .Take insights from the first hand experience of St.Mary’s Bank Credit Union.


Ken Senus

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, St. Mary's Bank Credit Union


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