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Channel Analytics and its Importance

The importance of ‘Channel Analytics’ lies in choosing the right mode of distribution. Jon Voorhees while talking about ‘Distribution Planning Analytics’ emphasized on Branch Distribution…


Role of Marketing Analytics In Credit Unions

Marketing Analytics plays a vital role in any credit union. This includes making analytics more accessible to the marketing intelligence team, knowing the most influential members and using data to drive marketing priorities and content.…



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Householding best practices

Is there anyone who feels they’ve settled on really robust logic for aggregating members into households that maintain some reasonable level of integrity over the time dimension? If so, do you mind sharing some of the key principles that guide your business logic? To date, I’ve mostly just generated a field that concatenates member zip code with the address lines of their residence and used that as a key for aggregating spouses and children who all live together as a logical financial unit.…

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Do you think calling back Members to help them complete an Abandoned Application should comply with Tele-Marketing rules?

Do you think calling back Members to help them complete an Abandoned Application should comply with Tele-Marketing rules? My Take: 1. Calling back customers to help open the account is a Service Call and not a Sales or Marketing Call. So it is not required to comply with Tele-Marketing rules. 2. You can display a Disclosure for customers mentioning that they are Opting-in to receive a Call or Get an Email to help with the Application when they click "Next" on the application. What are your…

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