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CU Employee CULytics Founder

Imagine waking up to a message from your company’s executive committee that invites you to present a report on your marketing efforts – first thing in the morning? What numbers would you provide them with? Any specific Key Performance…

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In a data-driven environment, Credit unions need to keep up with the rapidly transforming financial industry. Business Managers are now drawn to the use of Business Intelligence (BI) technologies for insights about customer…

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Russ Peters posted a discussion
I'm curious as to what level your BI department has to the front end of the different systems that you're running analysis or reports on?  For instance, as you bring ancillaries into your data warehouse, are you getting a user account for the front…
15 hours ago
Russ Peters replied to Russ Peters's discussion Department Logistics
"We have a team of 4 currently that includes a manager, two data analysts and a dba.  It's a centralized model as we handle requests from the entire credit union.  Currently sitting inside of the IT department but looking to acquire some space for ju…"
15 hours ago
Mohamed Osman and Paul Jariabek joined Credit Union Big Data Analytics Community and Summit - CULytics
CU Employee
20 hours ago
Clay Yearsley commented on Naveen Jain's article OnApproach in Credit Union Solutions Gallery - CULytics
"Over the years, Texas Trust has attempted to be a more data-driven organization. We never seemed to make the progress we hoped to. That has changed now that we have implemented M360 from OnApproach. We have a reliable data warehouse and data update…"
21 hours ago
Linda McMurtry, CPA and Bill Butler are now friends
CU Employee
21 hours ago
Raghavan Madabusi posted a blog post
Unknown-Unknowns:¨Donald Rumsfeld said (Dept. of Defense, 2012), "Reports that say that somethings hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns, there are known unknowns, and there are also unknown unknown…
23 hours ago
Paul Jariabek updated their profile



CU Employee

System access as a BI department

I'm curious as to what level your BI department has to the front end of the different systems that you're running analysis or reports on?  For instance, as you bring ancillaries into your data warehouse, are you getting a user account for the front end in order to help validate the data being imported?  As an example, we want to bring MerdianLink data into our warehouse.  The analysts want a user account for LoansPQ so that they can see how the fields are being used that they are working with…

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Get Your Free Copy of 2017 Gartner MQ for Data Integration

Gartner has just published the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration tools. You can view the complete and complimentary report here. Denodo once again has been recognized by Gartner as a visionary while improving its execution success. Data virtualization is the fastest growing and most innovative data integration technology that is helping numerous organizations across every industry with cloud modernization, operational excellence, cloud based analytics, insightful big data analytics and…

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CU Employee

Networking Opportunity - Data-Driven Marketers

Over the past few years, our credit union has invested a great deal into moving our marketing function in a more strategic and intelligent direction. Marketing automation, data-driven targeting and digital channels now serve as the backbone of our member engagement strategies. That said, we recognize that we have a long way to go to achieve our goal of a member experience informed by data and unified across all channels. As such, I'm very interested in learning about what forward-thinking…

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1 Reply · Reply by Naveen Jain Aug 5

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