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Steve Hunt, Randy Carswell, CULytics Admin and 3 more are going to Webinar - Risk Analysis using Conversational Data
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Linda Kampa, Ratnendu S. Mukherjee and Naveen Jain are going to Webinar - Implementing Decision Engines to Drive Personal Interaction
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7 hours ago
Sherry Koonter might be going to Webinar - Risk Analysis using Conversational Data
8 hours ago
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Astrolika.com and Ganga joined Credit Union Big Data Analytics Community and Summit - CULytics
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Medhavi Singla left a comment for Abu Zafor
"Would like to welcome Abu Zafor from P2P Foundations to the Culytics Community. Please make a stop on our Introduce Yourself column and let us know more about yourself and your analytics interests."
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""Pleased to welcome Tyler Hudson, from Synergent to the Culytics Community. Welcome Tyler, we would like you to share more about yourself and your insights on data warehousing and analytics. ""
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CU Employee CULytics Founder

Data driven response to catastrophes

There is so much going on in that nation recently with one natural challenge after another in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and now the fires in California. How is your credit union responding to these challenges to ensure that the impacted members are in the area are able to get back on track as well as understand the impact to your portfolio. My heart goes out to the people impacted in each of the areas. It is a tough time and we credit unions have an obligation towards our members to help…

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CU Employee

System access as a BI department

I'm curious as to what level your BI department has to the front end of the different systems that you're running analysis or reports on?  For instance, as you bring ancillaries into your data warehouse, are you getting a user account for the front end in order to help validate the data being imported?  As an example, we want to bring MerdianLink data into our warehouse.  The analysts want a user account for LoansPQ so that they can see how the fields are being used that they are working with…

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2 Replies · Reply by Hemanth Gangaram Sep 25

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