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Travis Jones replied to Travis Jones's discussion Reporting Tools
"Hi Naveen, SSRS isn't interactive enough for us. It is also a little clunky and time consuming to build basic visualizations. Spotfire, while highly capable, is not user friendly enough on the back-end (Server Settings, Active Directory Integration,…"
10 hours ago
Naveen Jain replied to Travis Jones's discussion Reporting Tools
"Hi Travis, Why are you looking to move away from SSRS/Spotfire? How much adoption do you have for these tools in your organization? I brought Tableau to First Tech and saw very good adoption. 70+% of First Tech employees were using Tableau dashboard…"
10 hours ago
Dale Davaz replied to Hemanth Gangaram's discussion Geocoding database
"Folks interested in geocoding may want to consult this previous post for some introductory information. Solutions noted there include ESRI, MapInfo, ggmap for R — and I understand more recently that Alteryx also enables geocoding capabilities. I do…"
Apr 16
Russ Peters replied to Robert Horton's discussion Using OnApproach Solution
"We have been with OA a few years now. Initially went live on v3 of M360 on the UltraData core. Currently in the middle of a project to upgrade to v4. Many benefits to this version on paper, have yet to be able to test things and verify it does what…"
Apr 6
Medhavi Singla left a comment for Elisabeth Laett
"A very warm Welcome to Elizabeth Laett from Exagens to the CULytics Community. Looking forward to your thoghts on Analytics that you would be sharig with the CULytics Community."
Apr 6



CU Employee Community Chair

Member lifetime value modeling

In his influential book, Customer Centricity, Peter Fader urges marketing analysts to identify and understand the traits of a company’s most valuable customers – and argues the merits of using that knowledge to guide the company's most rational use of resources and its attraction of high-value future customers. His customer valuation model doesn’t limit itself to customers’ profitability at a particular point in time – but rather seeks to estimate (probabilistically) a customer lifetime value,…

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0 Replies
Community Chair

Geocoding database

How many of you use Geocoding database for any geo mapping analysis? What tool or third party data service have you use to help with this info? At the CULytics Summit, I noticed the presentation from Jon Voorhees, had geo mapping from ESRI. Other available known sources are Tom Tom, Experian, Axciom, etc to name a few. Share your choices and what use cases are you using for. -Hemanth   . 

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1 Reply · Reply by Dale Davaz Apr 16
CU Employee

Using OnApproach Solution

I was hoping to hear feedback from those that have investigated and purchased the OnApproach solution. I'm interested in hearing the success and pain points.     Some things we have yet to ask them; maybe you can shed light on is what about subject areas that are not part of their solution, like for example our Cisco Call Center data probably they don't have a connector - is it easy to extend our own data marts along side or with their solution?   Tell all! 

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2 Replies · Reply by Russ Peters Apr 6

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