About CULytics

About CULytics

CULytics helps the Credit Union community maximize the value of their investment in data and digital and drive real outcomes.

CULytics provides thought leadership & expert advice to the credit union industry. Credit Unions are able to advance the knowledge of data-driven digital transformations and harness opportunities to create a delightful customer experience and grow revenue.

CULytics provides a platform where Credit Union leaders can network, discuss topical issues, and exchange experiences for ideas, insights, and inspiration.

The CUlytics Solution Gallery helps Credit Union professionals and feel confident when choosing a trusted partner and save time in the vendor searching process. It is a catalog of Credit Union vendors with independent reviews.

CULytics hosts the annual Credit Union Analytics Summit. The Summit attracts some of the biggest, most influential, and progressive credit unions from around the country. Hundreds of data leaders, executives, and C-Level members discuss critical developments and perspectives in the field of data analytics. It covers strategic, operational, and technical topics that help Credit Unions define and execute their data vision.

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Contact us at admin@culytics.com

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767 Springwood Drive, San Jose, CA 95129

Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Is CULytics affiliated with any credit union and/or vendor?

A: CULytics is NOT affiliated with any credit union or vendor. CULytics stands independently as the operators and engineers behind the CULytics site. Any content and views expressed by and on the CULytics site are the sole views of the content creators and/or independent contributors.

Q : Is CULytics a membership organization?

A: Yes. Anyone, including Credit Unions and/or financial institutions employees, can become a member of CULytics. Membership tiers and benefits are here. Membership is encouraged so that you can engage and interact with other members of the community.

Q : Why was CULytics created?

A: There are about 5500 Credit Unions in the nation and they are struggling to manage their data, get insights and use this information to drive member engagement and transformation. The goal of CULytics is to bring peers from the Credit Union industry together to help them drive real outcomes by excelling in managing data and then using insights to compete better in the market.

Q : Is CULytics, a non-profit organization?

A: CULytics is incorporated as a S Corp in the state of California and is not registered as a non-profit corporation.