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  • Strategy - Vision, road-map, executive alignment, business case, obtaining funding, etc.
  • Execution
    • Business Engagement
    • Data management and technology infrastructure
    • Data Governance, Security, Quality, etc.
    • Organization Structure
  • Business Value measurement and communication
  • etc.

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Adoption Discussion with Alliant Credit Union

  • Description:

    • How and why First Tech (FT) chose Tableau? What year? What was being used before? (The journey)
    • Where is it being used in FT? Which departments?
    • The variety of users at FT. Executive users, Business users, IT users, etc. How many users?
    • How many dashboards, reports and type of reports?
    • Self-service/Data Discovery use cases and departments
    • What kind of data? EDW? Data Mart?
    • Data sizes?
    • Heads up/Prep work – What should Alliant do…

  • Created by: Hemanth Gangaram

Discussion with WSECU

  • Description:

    Discussion on wide range of topics around Data Management, Governance, Advanced Analytics, Org Structure, Tech strategy, etc.

  • Created by: Naveen Jain