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Workshop - Driving Data Governance Practice

About the Workshop

About this Workshop

Managing and governing your data effectively and efficiently is a challenge for every organization and their executives. With a load of data it is often challenging to keep a track of all your data.So how do you trust your data and the data quality? How do you look for a way to request your data reports? How are your metrics defined and how do you identify your source systems from where your data is coming.

Attend this six - part online workshop, on data governance that will help you learn to classify and manage your data as well as understand the policies and procedures for approving data access.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Build the data governance program artifacts that you can use to launch a governance steering council
  • Have a well-defined data governance framework to gather details like data sources, data dictionary, and business catalog
  • You will get an understanding of the end-to-end business impact as well as process and system
  • Proactively monitor and correct the quality of enterprise data assets


Bob Little

Advisor, CULytics

Bob is a proven marketing and product strategy executive for fast growing organization. He has led corporate marketing, product marketing and product management teams to identify emerging trends, to create and launch new products, to build market demand and to achieve revenue targets.

Naveen Jain

President and Founder, CULytics

Credit union leader experienced in actionable strategic planning, data analytics, marketing, and innovation that deliver immediate ROI at multi-billion dollar institutions.

Delivers the perfect composition of innovation and pragmatism - blending both technical and strategic expertise. Empower the lines of business to make measured, data-driven-decisions, and bring to light the abundance of low-hanging-fruit within your data by guiding organizations through the many stages of analytics maturity.

Workshop Content


Introduction to Data Governance

In this session, learn what is data governance and why is it important. Also understand some of the important basic of data governance.


Defining Strategy Framework

In the second part of this workshop, understand the inception process, how to identify key stakeholders, define requirements, develop a vision , strategy framework and learn how to design an execution roadmap.



Working Session 1

In this part, use your insights in a practical interaction and learn how to identify key stakeholders, understand requirements, learn about data governance models, and how to define a vision and strategy.


Understand Foundation Artifacts

In the fourth part of this workshop, understand about steering council charter, policies and processes , learn about data catalog, data dictionary and business glossary, data security classification and data quality.


Working Session-2

In this part, participate in a discussion with our special guest and learn about data security classification, data quality, and how to make governance artifacts work. At the end of the session, take back some homework, to understand your Credit Union.


Putting into Practice

In the last part of this workshop, we will do a quick review of data governance, define KPIs and metrics, and help you understand the importance of communication. The workshop will end with learning how to maintain alignment and discussing the lessons learned.

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