Performance Measurement for Marketing

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Workshop - Performance Measurements for Marketing

About This Workshop

About this Workshop

As credit unions launch more and more marketing initiatives, the leadership team must monitor whether these initiatives are indeed delivering on the promises. Too often, the business imperative to embrace marketing, data, and analytics is widely understood but its link to business value is still fuzzy. When asked about marketing maturity, too often we hear about the list of initiatives but not much about the value delivered. In this workshop, we are going to explore the organizations' objectives and how your marketing initiatives can help accelerate them.

We are also going to discuss what metrics make the most sense to measure success from the executive leadership so that they charge and drive actual performance gains from marketing investment as well as metrics from an operational perspective.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Gain a better understanding of marketing analytics programs.
  • Learn how good performance measurement can improve results.
  • Learn the best practices for implementing marketing metrics programs.


Bob Little

Advisor, CULytics

Bob provides guidance to CULytics member organizations in developing and implementing digital marketing programs, leveraging data to drive improved organizational performance and developing data management programs to ensure good governance and compliance. He design and deliver workshops and lead in depth consulting engagements to ensure credit unions achieve success with their digital and data driven initiatives.

Workshop Content


Performance Measures for Marketing

Learn about marketing analytics, the struggles associated with marketing analytics. also learn what are the different marketing metrics that one should measure in order to understand their marketing initiatives better.

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