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Workshop – Measuring What Matters

About the Workshop

About this Workshop

Managing today’s credit unions in our ever-evolving, data-driven digital world overflows with opportunities - and loads of challenges. With a wealth of technology systems capturing more and more information and with unprecedented access to analytics, it's easy to get bogged down in data. Make decisions based on old data or too few touchpoints, and you'll be out of touch. But giving equal weight to every data point doesn’t work either. Focus on everything really means focus on nothing. So how do you know what you and your credit union should be striving for? How do you avoid wasting time and money chasing the wrong performance metrics? How do you react quickly to our rapidly changing business environment? A widely adopted technique from Silicon Valley known as OKR (Objectives and Key Results), has helped many organizations with this challenge.

In this six-part, online course, covered over 6 weeks, you’ll explore how to apply OKR principles in your institution. The course framework will be a combination of formal class meetings, working sessions, informal team exercises, and dedicated collaboration space. This collaboration space can be used post-workshop to continue to collaborate and learn with your peer attendees.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Define your organizational or departmental objectives
  • Learn how to measure them using real world techniques
  • Improve your organization’s performance by setting and achieving the objectives
  • Learn about practical aspects of implementing an OKR program


Bob Little

Advisor, CULytics

Bob is a proven marketing and product strategy executive for fast growing organization. He has led corporate marketing, product marketing and product management teams to identify emerging trends, to create and launch new products, to build market demand and to achieve revenue targets.

Naveen Jain

President and Founder, CULytics

Credit union leader experienced in actionable strategic planning, data analytics, marketing, and innovation that deliver immediate ROI at multi-billion dollar institutions.

Delivers the perfect composition of innovation and pragmatism - blending both technical and strategic expertise. Empower the lines of business to make measured, data-driven-decisions, and bring to light the abundance of low-hanging-fruit within your data by guiding organizations through the many stages of analytics maturity.

Workshop Content


Setting Goals and Measures

In this session, understand what is a good objective, and compare your understanding with how you have been setting them presently.Learn how to define measurable results.Learn the difference between a key result and a performance metric.



Working Review - 1

In this session, share your OKRs, understand how to differentiate between key results and activities. Contrast your observations with health metrics.



Aligning the Organization

In this session, understand the importance of cross-departmental alignment.Learn about your roles and responsibilities in the OKR framework. Learn about the nested cascade.End the session with homework on using the 3S-Shared owners, Supporters and Stakeholders.



Achieving Results

In this session, understand how often you should be measuring results. Discuss what to do when results are not meeting expectations. Also learn how to run regular OKR Checkin Meetings.



Working Review - 2

In this session, share your revised OKRs and your working plans . Discuss confidence levels and what you should do at each level. Also, practice your OKR Checkins.



Putting OKR into Practice

In this session, learn about advanced OKR options you should consider. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls of new OKR programs. Know the Dos and Don'ts of implementing OKR programs.


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