Data Visualization Techniques for Improved Analytics

Workshop Title

Workshop - Data Visualization Techniques for Improved Analytics

About this Course

About this Workshop

Learn the different visualizations and how best to use them. Understand different data types and how they dovetail with different visualizations to building effective dashboards.

This workshop will provide a firm understanding of the science behind visualizations before moving into the practical application of different chart types and different scenarios.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Undestand the history of data vizualizations. Where did these tools come from and how have they been used?
  • Know why you should use data visualizations at first place and what limits and common mistakes you should be aware of.
  • Learn the best practices of building the charts.
  • Understand different chart types and their uses and how to configure them to get the most value.


Morgan Bates

Head of Data Analytics, CFS Consulting Group

Morgan Bates has been the head of data analytics at CFS Consulting Group for the last 5 years. In this role he has assisted dozens of credit unions on their analytics journey. This has included everything from performing machine learning to teaching employees the fundamentals of analytics.

Workshop Content


Introduction to Data Visualization

Learn what is data visualization and why it is important. Understand the history behind data visualization and learn the limits and basic principles to it.


Practical Implementation on Data Visualization

Learn the practical implementations to different chart types. Understand how to work with them to get the maximum value out of it.


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