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Consumer lending function concentrates on providing finance to Individual and household consumers to fulfill their personal, family or household financial needs. Auto loans, Personal loan, credit cards are a few examples of Consumer lending done by…
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Every year CULytics surveys the credit union leaders to better understand the topics that are most important for them as they mature their data analytics practices and realize value from the rich data sets that they have.
We asked the executives wha…
Sep 19
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Businesses these days are setting strategic goals they desire to achieve. To measure their progress in the achievement of these goals, they use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Through KPIs, they are able to tell whether or not they are achieving…
Sep 18
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 KPIs or key performance indicators are often quantifiable in the field of finance. They help a financial institution to design its strategic roadmap and push the company towards a direction it would like to move towards through giving it goals whic…
Sep 17
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Simply put, web personalization is the process by which a website can create unique experiences for visitors. It streamlines content for the visitors such that they only receive information relevant to them, instead of being presented with a broad s…
Sep 13
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Address: 303 Twin Dolphin Drive, 6th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94065
Sales Contact: Brian Ley
Phone: 919-522-1904
Business Since: 2011
Number of Customers: 10+

Company Description
Alpharank’s maps customer graphs using debit/credit transactional an…
Sep 10
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Currently, over half of the large corporations are competing using advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics and propriety algorithm, which has brought about a disruption in many industries.
Research by Digital Banking Report indicated that 50%…
Sep 10
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Session Description - Adopting Analytics is an important step for credit unions but their analytical journey would be incomplete without visualization, or Business Int…
Sep 6
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Customers need a 24x7 safe and reliable banking service. Customer satisfaction and a reliable banking experience are crucial for the success of Credit Unions. However, providing a reliable, round the clock services entails costs. Credit Unions alrea…
Sep 5
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Digital solutions are essential to increase partnerships and revenue, as they streamline processes every business entails. Using an Electronic Signature or E-Signature as a form of authentication has become a necessary tool in digitizing business. S…
Aug 31
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So, what exactly is Data Governance?
Essentially, Data Governance is the management of data, its use, integrity, and security within an organization.
Data governance often includes concepts such as data stewardship, data quality, and so on to assist…
Aug 27
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Aug 21
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Speaker - Naveen Jain, Founder, CULytics
Session Description - CULytics QuickStart guides you with planning, designing and implementing your data analytics practice ensuring that you…
Jul 17
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With an increase in the technology trend and customer demands, it is essential for banks and credit unions to have a digital platform that can help them to manage their funds, financial transactions, and interactions with their customers. With the e…
Jul 7