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Address:  Suite #7115 1201 North Orange Street Wilmington, Delaware 19147

Sales Contact: Joseph McLean

Phone:  3023879032

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: 10

Company Description

Quavo is a software innovator that was formed from our love of Pega and our passion to contribute to its potential. Quavo is proud to be an official partner of Pegasystems, a leading technology innovator for sales, marketing, services and operations.

Offering Overview

Quantum Fraud & Disputes (QFD) is a best-in-breed fraud and disputes application built…

Address:  4014 Churchill Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

Sales Contact: Catherine Lewis

Phone:  704-582-1537

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: NA

Company Description

The Maclean Group partners with credit unions to build foundational analysis and infuse a fresh perspective to guide key delivery channel decisions that enhance member relationships and drive bottom-line savings.

Offering Overview

Analyses focus on understanding the markets in which you operate, your member transaction patterns, and employee engagement to craft convenient and…


Address:  1431 Opus Place,Suite 110, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Sales Contact: Ankur Choudhary

Phone:  630-685-4001

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: 10+

Company Description

Innovizant LLC. is a global leading-edge Trusted Analytics, Data Science and Data Management Services Partner based in Chicago, focused on financial services clients, delivering Innovative and value driven business analytical solutions.

Offering Overview

Our financial services industry solutions include Smart CECL, Credit Risk insights, Customer segmentation, Fraud…


Address:  450 Carillon Pkwy, Suite 130

Sales Contact: James Guild

Phone:  7276989973

Business Since: 2014

Number of Customers: 100+

Offering Overview

CU Engage is a blend of consultants, educators, matchmakers, integrators and advocates. It focuses on ensuring how credit unions can make informed decisions on vendor relationships so they can change at the speed of the consumer.

CU Engage consultants are experts in the credit union market and have deep knowledge and experience in financial services…


Address:  150 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339

Sales Contact: Mark Moore

Phone: 678-463-6522

Business Since: 2005

Number of Customers: 50+

Offering Overview

Vantedge Real Time Predictive Marketing (RPM) is a fully managed service tailored specifically for credit unions that combines real-time predictive analytics, dynamic campaign management, personalized multi-channel message delivery and ROI measurement in a monthly subscription service.

The RPM service leverages a credit union’s anonymous first party data, including transactional,…


Address:  175 W. Jackson Blvd., Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60604

Sales Contact: Garry Weiss

Phone: 773-255-6784

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: 20+

Offering Overview

Enova Decisions is an Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) provider and part of Enova International, Inc. (NYSE: ENVA), a multinational Fintech company. Enova Decisions leverages its 10+ years analytics expertise from supporting Enova brands to deliver real-time solutions and digital decisions to its clients. Enova Decisions combines big data, tailored analytics, and machine learning to help…


Address:  Floor 33, Euston Tower, 286 Euston Road, NW1 3DP London, UK

Sales Contact: Donnie Price

Phone: 402.332.8162

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: 30

Offering Overview

  • AccountScore delivers proven, predictive, and actionable insights by connecting to, analyzing, and enriching financial institution account transaction data. Clients use our solutions to assess the financial position of their applicants and existing customers or members – for both consumers and businesses.
  • AccountScore serves major clients in the UK, US, and India…
Abe AI

Address:  111 N Orange Ave Suite #1175, Orlando, FL 32801

Sales Contact: Juan Romeras

Phone: 646-334-0054

Business Since: 2016

Number of Customers: Customers include credit unions, banks, and international financial service providers.

Offering Overview

Abe AI exists to create simplicity and convenience in everyone’s financial lives.

We make it possible for credit unions to utilize the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to engage members in a way that’s never before been available.

Abe AI builds artificial intelligence solutions for…

Inetco Analytics

Address:  INETCO Systems Limited, Suite #295 – 4664 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V5C 5T5

Sales Contact: Marc Borbas

Phone: +1.604.451.1567 x110

Business Since: 1984

Number of Customers: More than 50 customers, worldwide

Offering Overview

INETCO Analytics® is a highly optimized solution for credit unions looking to gather and analyze real-time customer transaction data across all their self-service channels – ready to be visually displayed any time you need it. Intuitive data visualization dashboards make it easy for various business…


Address:  10 Carlson Court, Ste 610 Toronto, Ontario, M9W 6L2

Sales Contact: John Gairhan

Phone: 1-416-508-3197

Business Since: 2017

Number of Customers: 7

Offering Overview

AllSight Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) system manages and stores customer data with the intention of developing an understanding of a customer or organization. The system generates intelligence on each individual customer by enriching the data through analytics. AllSight CIM creates a Customer 360 which provides an understanding of all the information known about a customer, as…

Address: 1071 Merrimac Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Sales Contact: Rachel Batish

Phone: (646) 869-2931

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 100

Offering Overview

Conversation.one is a build-once-deploy-anywhere platform that builds voicebots and chatbots; Alexa skills, Google Home actions & Facebook Messenger bots in minutes. We leverage machine learning to build an enriched, fluent and natural correspondence between humans and any voice-enabled device or service.



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