Bits In Glass

Address:1340 First Edmonton Place

Sales Contact: Lee Mainman

Phone: 1.780.887.6246

Business Since: 2002

Number of Customers:200

Company Description

Bits In Glass is an award-winning technology consulting firm that can set up systems that make your business operate faster, easier and more efficiently – we specialize in solving complex business problems through the use of information technology.

Offering Overview

It’s time to move beyond manual processes. For 14 years BIG has been at the digital heart of most major industries helping companies transform into superstars with leading edge of technological solutions and implementations.

As Appian’s Regional Partner of the Year 2017, and MuleSoft’s 2017 Delivery Partner of the Year, BIG is known as an insider’s insider. Highly recommended and trusted, we work behind the scenes to help enterprises like yours become fast and flexible market leaders through the use of innovative technologies that accelerate all aspects of your business.

As trusted advisors and technology partners, our team uses agile methodologies for rapid results, ensuring you realize maximum value quickly.


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