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Empower your analytics

Address: 362 Cobb Hill Road, Alstead, NH 03602

Sales Contact: Frank Koechlin

Phone: 973-978-6736

Business Since: 2015

Number of Customers: Startup

Company Description

Empower Your Analytics is a marketing services company providing turn-key data-driven solutions to smaller community focused financial institutions.

Offering Overview

Empower Your Analytics combines the institution’s core member (consumer & business) information with third party lifestyle and demographic data to create a powerful marketing tool.

Empower Your Analytics Products and Service levels:

  • Empower SnapShot: One time data analytics project. Clients are entitled to unlimited queries, reports, analytics and campaign downloads during the six month program.
  • Empower Analytics Program: Ongoing program with multiple updates. Clients are entitled to unlimited queries, reports, analytics and campaign downloads for the full contract period.
  • Empower Marketing Services: Marketing, education & strategy support.
  • “Hands-
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Address: 1000 N. West Street Suite 1200 Wilmington, DE 19801

Sales Contact: Gary Robinson

Phone: 1-888-548-9947

Business Since: 2007

Number of Customers:15

Company Description

Lityx is an advanced analytics company creating enterprise-grade solutions priced for the mid-market. We have world-class software, consulting services, and data enhancement, with a diverse set of clients across many industries.

Offering Overview

Lityx offers world-class software, consulting services, and data enhancement. Our solutions enable businesses to predict customer behavior such as spend and churn, optimize channels and campaigns, and maximize marketing outcomes with software and services.

LityxIQ is a cloud-based, world-class, advanced analytics platform. The system integrates a set of tools that make it easy to perform a variety of tasks—data preparation, reporting and BI, modeling and scoring, and constrained optimization.

Getting the most out of advanced analytics can be a challenge for some

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