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Peak Performance Consulting Group

Address:1709 Grassy Field Rd.

Sales Contact: David Kerstein

Phone: 512-607-6332

Business Since: 1998

Number of Customers:150

Company Description

Peak Performance Consulting Group helps credit unions and grow members, grow revenue and improve effectiveness.

We have industry leading best practices and unique solutions, with a proven track record of success.

Offering Overview

Peak Performance has particular expertise in the following:

  • Improving distribution effectiveness (current branch performance vs. market potential, and site selection for future expansion)
  • Improving branch management and sales growth (Universal Banker implementation strategies, branch sales improvement)
  • Deposit product analysis (reconfiguration for better member attraction, improved competitiveness and improved profitability)
  • Operations and process improvement (process simplification and cost improvement)
  • Strategic Planning (development of strategic plans, facilitating management planning sessions)




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