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Top Web Analytics Technologies

It becomes highly important for credit unions and financial institutions, to analyze what their clients need, what they like, and what attracts them. To know the same, Web Analytics plays a huge role. They not only track the statistics of website’s visitors but also help credit unions to analyze the data for strategy making. Knowing customer’s behavior and trends are significantly important to compete in this tough financial industry. 

To help your Credit Unions measure these trends and behavior, we bring for you the Top 9 Web Analytics Technologies for Credit Unions.

1. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is considered as the most reliable web analytics technology that people are using in excess all over the globe. It assists you in creating a comprehensive view of business by turning interactions of the customers into practical insights. Credit unions can get maximum benefit by using this tool. With attractive and interactive reports and dashboards, you can sort, sift and share the information that would help you provide the insights. Moreover, you can also successfully identify various problems and a lot of opportunities.

Robustness of Adobe Analytics is undoubtedly more than any other tool associated with web analysis. Organizations with a broad network can get more benefit from tools like Adobe. Adobe makes tracking the users’ journey easy and its availability in different languages makes it more desirable.


  • Accurately measures the web traffic and presents data.
  • Gives a proper description about the measures of engagement including average length of a session, pages viewed per session and amount of scrolls etc.
  • Gives a complete description regarding the entry and exit points on the website during the visit of various customers.
  • The software tracks standard users’ actions automatically.
  • Featured with the ability to measure the bounce rates.
  • It also tracks the return rate of the users and provides with the information about the conversion rate associated with the customers.
  • Ensures live checking revealing the information about the current visitors.
  • Reports about the past activities of different users to attract them in future.
  • Ensures segmentation of the population of users on the basis of demographics.
  • Identifies users on the base of demographic segmentation and also reveals about their location.
  • High performance and reliable software ensure quick working and it takes very less time to respond.
  • API ensures integration of logic, data, and objects with various software applications.

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2. Google Analytics

The all in one Google Analytics is arguably the best digital analytics tool for credit unions. It is a free tool that is convenient to use. Its statistics make it easier to conduct an in-depth analysis while devising the working strategies. Google Analytics allows insight sharing across the organization to help different departments work together without complications.


  •      Customizable comprehensive view of any customer and you can share the data across the organization
  •      Filter the reports as per your requirements, divide the reports into segments, and uses comprehensive sets of reporting tools.
  •      Data activation helps you to seamlessly operate to help marketing campaign and check the performance of the content as well as new channels on experimental bases.
  •      User-friendly interface, easy to understand, customize, and analyze.

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Webtrends analytics in an outstanding tool and is considered as the industry leader for its unique features. Webtrends provides you with all the necessary details that clearly indicate the areas where employees are most interested. Definitely, it plays a key role in developing your enterprise according to the priorities and interests of the clients and employees.

Banking sector and credit unions use Webtrends for getting an updated analysis of their organization. Webtrends also provides your credit union with a clear insight of how your employees navigate pages and content, share ideas or interact with each other.


  • An unlimited number of custom dashboards.
  • Features ser adoption, key metrics, social and geo maps, document actions, word clouds and many more.
  • Standard and custom reports including unlimited custom reporting.
  • Designed especially for SharePoint environments.
  • Features the facility of data export including creation of e-mail link, downloading the data file in pdf format etc.
  • Tracks returning and new user metrics.
  • Features content activity metrics and search effectiveness.
  • Easily connectable to power BI services.
  • Extensive data export facility.
  • Calculated and custom metrics.
  • Customizable analytics reporting.
  • Supports advance data collection and reporting.

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4. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an innovative analytics platform with advanced features for web and mobile. It is popular among the people who have a habit to look for something new and innovative with some prominent features. Especially, if you are looking to provide a boost to your credit union, Mixpanel is an effective choice.

Mixpanel provides you with the necessary information regarding the visitors for bringing some improvement in your website as per demands and behavior of the visitors. It is somehow similar to that of google analytics but with a little difference. Mixpanel allows us to customize tracking events based upon our requirements.


  • Featured with A/B Testing facility.
  • Easy to use WYSIWYG Editor ensures quick creation of web pages.
  • Featured with an ability to adjust the percentage of total traffic.
  • Allows you to adjust the confidence level for the test as per your choice.
  • Featured with a multivariate testing facility.
  • Ensures demographic segmentation.
  • Standard and custom targeting make Mixpanel a preferred choice.
  • Fast working software with the facility of QA testing and API Integrations.
  • Provides access to select features, data, objects etc. based on the user role and groups etc.

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5. Kissmetrics

In fact, Kissmetrics is a great addition to the group of tools associated with web analytics. It comes forward with some unique features. It identifies, understands and brings about improvement in the metrics that is responsible for driving your online business. Actionable metrics provide you with the information that tells you actually much more than what happened.

Kissmetrics also informs you about who and why? It allows you to control and track the pathways of your customers in an effective way. The metric feature is not only useful but simple.


  • Accurately measures the total web traffic and has an ability to present the data efficiently.
  • Configure and accurately measures and configures an appropriate engagement measure, such as page views per session, average session length and amount of scrolling etc.
  • Provides a detailed description about the customers where did they get entered the site and left later.
  • Features standard and custom event tracking.
  • Tracks retention, return and conversion rates of the customers.
  • Real-time reporting ensures live tracking when a customer visits the website.
  • Retroactive reporting provides with the past record to design a future strategy.
  • The tool is also available for web and mobile.
  • It unifies user data across various devices making it possible to recognize returning users.
  • Reports about the various keyword used in searches.
  • Ensures promotional messages and administrative alerts.

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6. Looker Analytics

Looker is a Web Analytics Tool with the main feature of supporting a discovery-driven culture in an organization. Basically, it is a web-based platform for data discovery that provides with the fitness and power needed by various data analysts while empowering the business users all over the organization helping them find the answers for their queries.

Looker makes it very easy to access transactional and customer data in an efficient way. Looker is helpful for your Credit Union in terms of accurately reporting on historic and current sales performance in multiple dimensions. No doubt, looker has the ability to astonish the users by the quality support that it provides and an outstanding speed that makes it more desirable among the users.


  • Reports interface for self-service and standard reports is user-friendly.
  • Minimum numbers of clicks are required to answer the various queries.
  • Ensures standard and custom event tracking in an efficient way.
  • It offers multi-device data visualization that enables viewing the data visualization on various sources.
  • Customizable and interactive dashboards make it possible for the users to view information regarding sales as per their needs.
  • Ensures monitoring and tracking the results of various market campaigns.
  • Featured with an ability to access the user-specific data such as language, location, gender and activity on the site.
  • Cross-functional access allows multiple users to get a transparent and unified overview of analytics, campaign results, and dashboards.
  • Provides information about the keywords mostly used during internal searches.
  • Allows load-time monitoring.
  • Tracks transactions and revenues and also analyze marketing traffic clearly indicating the top campaign working best.

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7. Heap

If you are looking for retroactive and instant analytics for iOS and web, Heap is the best option for you. There is no need for any coding to operate this tool. It is quite easy to use and implement. Moreover, Heap is very simple to deploy. If you are not someone with a technical background, you don’t need to worry. Heap is designed in a way that even a layman can easily operate, review the data and answer the questions in a meaningful way.

It’s more useful and handy when it comes to the credit unions because you can easily manage and improve the connectivity with the customers by overviewing the data provided by this outstanding web analytics tool.


  • Accurately measures the web traffic and makes the presentation of data quite effective.
  • Clearly gives a description regarding the engagement of the customers including the time spent on the pages, total view and total numbers of scrolls etc.
  • Indicates about the points of entry and exit on the site.
  • Ensures standard and custom event tracking.
  • Tracks the conversion rate of the customers via various actions.
  • Measures the bounce rate accurately.
  • Ensures real-time reporting clearly indicating who is visiting the site at present.
  • Mobile and retroactive reporting ensured.
  • Allows unification across the devices.
  • Identifies the location of the customers and demographics associated with them.
  • Heap has an ability to identify the user-specific data.
  • Heap ensures the tracking of inbound traffic marketing that clearly indicates which company is flourishing.
  • Display the history of users’ activities
  • High quality and reliable performance.
  • Facility of system, in-app notifications, and alerts.
  • Features A/B Testing and QA Testing.
  • Features standard and custom targeting.

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8. Leadlander

Leadlander by Upland is a great tool that helps you to analyze and give response to the companies that usually search for some information on your website. When it is about finding the leads, Leadlander is the perfect choice for your banks. You can easily track who is visiting your website from his IP address. In fact, Leadlander is a great experience for the credit unions to achieve their objectives.


  • Features outstanding digital analytics by accurately measuring the traffic and presenting the data in an efficient way.
  • Features standard and custom event tracking.
  • Tracks return rate of the users effectively.
  • Tracks certain path to conversion associated with the users.
  • Provides information about the activities of users with the passage of time.
  • Ensures tracking based on demographic segmentation.
  • Provides information about the keywords used by various researchers.
  • Ensures load time monitoring.
  • Features effective e-commerce including information about transactions and revenue.
  • Ensures provision of administrative alerts.
  • Features API/ Integrations.
  • Features QA Testing.
  • High performance and reliability ensured.

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9. Google 360

Google analytics 360 was specially built keeping in consideration the large organizations with data which is accurate, actionable, integrated and supported by training teams and expert account management. The outstanding product addresses the requirements of various organizations (enterprise-level) that require integrations, scalability and additional support. It’s basically one window platform that offers a lot of facilities at a single venue.


  • Equipped with features of high performance and speedy working making it a preferable choice among the users.
  • Provides an access to select features, data, and objects etc. based on the user role and groups.
  • Equipped with QA testing facility and API Integrations.
  • Features in-app and system notifications along with auto-alert service.
  • Comprehensive access to the users’ data including gender, interest, and locations etc.
  • Equipped with the facility of custom reports and dashboards.
  • Standard event tracking ensures automatic tracking of standard user actions.

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A couple of things to conclude with! For any web analytics tool, it is mandatory to provide the following statistics:

Tracking the number of visitors while separating unique visitors. Tracking the entry as well as exit page and keeping session record. In addition to this, a recommended web analytics tool is the one that features behavioral funnels, generates real-time traffic report, and tracks conversions as well as tagged digital events.

Disclaimer-: These technologies are selected on the basis of our experience (around usage support, administration, integration etc.) as well as anecdotal conversations with multiple leaders in the industry. 


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