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Top Marketing Automation Technologies

With a development and advancement in technology, organizations are looking for a new approach for marketing. Due to a continuous growth in consumer demands, organizations, especially financial institutions are facing challenges to deliver better results, that are processed quickly, and at a lower cost. Also, there is an increased pressure to measure and demonstrate the value of every marketing initiative. To achieve these goals, credit unions and banks must have a right tool.

Marketing Automation is a powerful tool that can help your Credit Union with generating more leads, sales, and revenue, managing multiple channels and improving target consumers.


Marketing automation helps you manage the communication process, that would ensure entry of qualified leads into the sales funnel and that the right message(s) are getting to the right people at the right time, with no negative effects on sales.

Here are the Best 10 Marketing Automation Technologies that would help your Credit Unions in the easy marketing process.

1. Marquis

Marquis’ marketing automation suite integrates with credit union-specific MCIF and CRM platforms. This means a client can assemble, analyze, and act on opportunities within the same analytical platform – eliminating the need to use disparate tools from multiple vendors.

Marquis is also the only automation vendor to offer a credit union focused professional services team (OnTrax) taking the burden out of the detailed work of building a sophisticated multi-channel automation strategy. The OnTrax team serves as a dedicated resource for credit union marketing departments by adding a seasoned marketing professional to their team.

A key benefit of the Marquis solution is its in-house creative and production team. All marketing automation channels are designed and deployed within the Marquis environment. This further saves the marketer time by eliminating the step of vendor coordination between separate marketing automation platforms and creative vendors.5594863257?profile=RESIZE_710x


  • Marketing automation tools are designed specifically for credit unions.
  • Each automation workflow is tracked at the conversion level, allowing the marketer to measure ROI accurately.
  • The MCIF/CRM integrated platform allows for the use of various client-specific value score, behavioral, core, or transactional data models in the marketing automation process.

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2. Prisma Campaigns

Prisma Campaigns helps you with omnichannel cross-selling in a smart, easy and personalized manner. From effective and efficient consumer on-boarding to tailored and customized marketing through automated marketing solutions, it provides a smooth sailing experience. 2856436783?profile=RESIZE_710x


  • It has a centralized campaign repository with combined inbound and outbound marketing channels. It uses machine learning to automate prioritization of messages and campaigns.'
  • Prisma Campaigns offer bi-directional CRM Synchronization, web activity tracking, real-time campaign monitoring, smart targeting based on behavioral information and efficient full process management -from lead generation to conversion.
  • Easy integration with external data sources is possible. A software development kit(SDK) helps with the cost-effective integration of multiple channels.
  • REST API enables easy integration and offers LDAP/Active Directory Integration Support.
  • Real-time data is available for analytics, in addition to the capability of orchestrating multiple campaigns.
  • Super-fast time to market: credit unions implemented Prisma in less than 3 weeks, giving them the opportunity to start small and move fast with hyper-personalization.

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3. Act-On

Act-On is a SaaS product for marketing automation that lets you point, click, drag, and drop your way to build a marketing campaign of your choice. It also allows you to set up lead nurturing, segment lists, score and distribute leads, and trigger offers when someone performs a specific action.

Act-On provides you with the tools to quickly and easily set up your marketing campaigns that are deployed automatically based on your pre-programmed rules. Act-On’s automated programs also allow you to use conditional “if-then” logic to trigger the next step in a campaign. You can set rules to automatically trigger emails, sync lists, and update data fields.



  • Act-On’s Inbound suite, based on the search engine hunt, gives you the tools to get found and get known by your prospective members who are looking for your credit union and services you offer.
  • Act-On’s social media tools help you establish your presence and offer value to your prospects. You can share your messages, enable social listening, connect your channels, discover new audiences, generate leads, and increase sales through the social media presence of your institution.
  • Act-On’s intuitive tools let you create responsive landing pages and without any specialized training.
  • Act-On lets you track the actions of your website visitors. You can know which pages do your customers frequently visit so that you can plan your future campaigns accordingly.

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4. Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign is a Marketing Automation Tool by Adobe. It is a comprehensive marketing tool that manages your Credit Union’s marketing campaign across all channels be it online or offline. Adobe Campaign helps you with customer engagement along with acquiring new ones through the personalized messages that are delivered exactly at the time when they will have a great impact.

With the best email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities, Adobe Campaign automates the execution of mobile, social, email and offline campaigns. It is driven by an intelligent, decision-based engine, that enables marketers to achieve measurable results in recorded time.



  • Through the Campaign Orchestration feature, Adobe allows you to plan, automate, execute and measure campaigns across every touchpoint.
  • Adobe Campaign uses fine-grained personalization to deliver the right message to the right person through the right channel. This ultimately improves the response rates and delivers better customer experience.
  • Adobe Campaign lets you customize your marketing campaigns based on the purchase history of your customer, the marketing channels through which they are engaged with your credit union and their previous interactions with your website. If a customer’s behavior changes, it automatically adjusts its marketing strategy to keep the customer engaged.

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5. Eloqua

Eloqua, owned by Oracle is a Marketing Automation Platform that works across multiple channels, including email, display search, web, video, and mobile.

This software is used to provides tools to segment and target specific audiences with the most relevant content. It also helps to automate the lead generation process. Eloqua includes a database that stores customer information, an emailer which sends email to prospects and customers, and a website monitoring system which tracks their activity on websites under control of the marketer.



  • Eloqua includes WeChat Application that is used to create personalized experiences with the old customers and to find new customers.
  • Comes with an interactive dashboard with a user-friendly interface.
  • Allows you to spot check your campaign for any errors before launch.

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6. HubSpot

HubSpot marketing automation platform lets you automate your email campaign by automatically sending the right emails to the right leads at the right time. It allows you to create personalized email campaigns for your leads through the details that you get from your contact database.

Apart from email campaigns, HubSpot also lets you automate various tasks such as setting up webhooks, scoring leads, lead conversion, and easy management of your data. It also notifies you and your sales team whenever a visitor takes any important action on your website, and add the task to HubSpot CRM to alert you about the follow up with that contact.



  • HubSpot lets you publish relevant, engaging and conversion-optimized content with tools that speed up creation, keep consistent formatting, and make it easy to optimize for search.
  • It allows you to conduct A/B Testing for your email campaign so that you can track that with option have better responses. It helps you to plan your future campaigns accordingly.
  • You can create the social presence of your bank and schedule to publish relevant posts when the right audience visits your platform.

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IBM Campaign (UNICA) is an omnichannel campaign management or marketing automation platform that allows your credit unions to deliver the message to your current and potential members in a timely and strategic manner. With a large set of features, IBM Campaign lets you send personalized messages through various channels, initiate conversations with your clients, evaluate marketing activities accurately, and easily monitor each step of your campaign.


IBM Campaign (UNICA) enables your credit union to handle complicated contact lists and if you are someone who is looking for good management of contact points and automation using scripts, it is a perfect solution for you.



  • IBM Campaign comes with a “set and forget” feature through which your campaigns can run without any manual intervention.
  • Find the interaction history data of your members that allows you to build a stronger relationship with them by creating a campaign according to their interest areas.
  • IBM comes with an easy to use flowchart interface that allows you to design and manage complex, multichannel campaigns with greater flexibility and ease.

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8. Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation platform that focuses on account-based marketing and includes multiple promotional methods like email, social, mobile, digital-ads, web management, and analytics.

It helps you find and engage with the relevant audience. Marketing Automation by Marketo allows you to target the right people through features like engaging ads, personalized content and a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that drives quality traffic to your Credit Union Website.

Once you are targeted towards your relevant customer, you need to build a lasting relationship with that customer. Marketo helps you do so by keeping your customers engaged by automated email campaigns and indulging into a meaningful conversation with them.

After building a strong relationship with your customer, Marketo helps you to identify your valuable customer that would finally help you generate your sales.



  • Marketo Marketing Automation comes with the Content (AI) feature that automatically recommends right content to the right person.
  • Through the feature of Marketing Analytics offered by Marketo, you can analyze the impact of your marketing efforts.
  • Marketo lets your credit union engage with its customers across social media.

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9. Pardot aka Salesforce Marketing Automation

Pardot is a marketing automation tool from Salesforce through which your marketing and sales campaigns can work together. It lets you manage all your prospective interactions by creating, distributing and managing your online campaigns from one central platform.

With this CRM marketing automation from Salesforce, you can generate high-quality and relevant leads for your credit unions and increase your contacts to drive sales without the need of having a big marketing team. You can even easily create personalized emails, targeted towards your right customers without the need of having an expertise in coding.



  • Features like email marketing, custom landing pages, smart lead capture forms and a central marketing dashboard allow you to fill your contact list with the best and relevant leads.
  • You can create personalized and relevant interactions with your leads by delivering targeted messages to them that are based on the customer engagement.
  • Score and grade your leads to filter out your best ones. You can set real-time alerts to reach out to them at the right time, along with nurturing the non-sales-ready leads with approved marketing templates.
  • Track the performance of your email campaigns with closed-loop reporting. You can also get a full view of your sales funnel by creating custom dashboards.
  • Advanced email reporting helps you to know how your prospects are engaging with your content so that you can take the best immediate steps.

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10. Total Expert Experience Platform

Total Expert is the only member experience platform built for and trusted by industry leaders in banking, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Credit unions can use Total Expert to improve onboarding, increase member retention, grow acquisition, reduce abandonment, drive productivity, and expand products per household.

Total Expert meets credit unions wherever they are in the digital transformation journey to remove gaps in their member experience, build loyalty, and create members for life.



  1. A Central Marketing Dashboard 

    Deliver consistent brand communications across all channels from a single dashboard that manages and monitors marketing for your organization. 

  2. Marketing-Automation Tools 

    Build, customize, and deploy authentic member-experience workflows and campaigns at scale with personalized email, social media, and SMS.   

  3. Content-Creation Features 

    Bring high-converting digital and print marketing materials to life in minutes with drag-and-drop tools and expert-designed templates for the financial services industry.

  4. Sales-Efficiency Tools  

    Eliminate duplicated outreach efforts, prioritize hot opportunities, and get a clear, comprehensive view of every member so you can connect, human-to-human. 

  5. Always-On Compliance Workflows   

    Put your regulatory compliance on autopilot with one-click reporting and tracking tools.

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When it comes to choosing a marketing automation software you should rely on the one that helps you to identify your target members, deeply understand the progress of your marketing programs, accelerate the members through your sales funnel, and focus on delivering the best service to your customers.

We have selected 10 best marketing automation software that according to would help your banks and credit unions to target the relevant members in a most suitable and easy manner.

Disclaimer-: These technologies are selected on the basis of our experience (around usage support, administration, integration etc.) as well as anecdotal conversations with multiple leaders in the industry. 

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