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Address: 2100 NW 133rd Place
Portland OR 97229

Sales Contact: Michael Tantrum

Phone: 206-849-2504

Business Since: 2004

Number of Customers: 700

Offering Overview

WhereScape helps more than 700 customers worldwide use automation to reduce project risk and deliver actionable, reliable data infrastructure initiatives faster. IT teams use WhereScape® 3D to tackle the planning, design and modeling associated with data warehouses, data lakes and data marts. WhereScape® RED, an integrated development environment, provides teams the automation to streamline workflows, eliminate hand-coding and cut the time to develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure by as much as 80%. WhereScape® Data Vault Express™ offers a practical way to implement the 2.0 Data Vault standard. WhereScape has offices in the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Singapore.

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    I've partnered with Wherescape and so has one of my clients, and we are both pleased that we did. Nice people + high skillset + professional manner = good partner.

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