Address: 7 Old Snake Pond Rd. Sandwich, MA 02644

Sales Contact: Brewster Knowlton

Phone: 860-593-7842

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 24 Credit Union customers and 15+ non-CU customers. Over 3,500 students trained in SQL courses.

Offering Overview

The Knowlton Group was founded to improve the analytics maturity of all organizations by taking a practical, cost-effective approach to solving key business problems through data and analytics technologies. The Knowlton Group provides strategic advisory services in the areas of data, analytics, digital transformation, and process mapping and re-engineering. Need development support? The Knowlton Group has a team of experts for all aspects of business intelligence and analytics development.

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  • Brewster Knowlton is a magician when it comes to credit union data. The things he is able to accomplish, all from scratch, are remarkable. His company, The Knowlton Group, is well-versed in most credit union applications and platforms and as such, he has seen many of the challenges that appear when attempting to integrate data. 

    His team is flexible and knowledgeable and you cannot go wrong having him on the team to create or enhance your data environment.

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