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Offering Overview

Credit Unions have all the analytical needs of global banks for targeted marketing, customer acquisition and retention, pricing optimization, and more -- but only a fraction of the budget. WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions provides the widest range of analytics and business intelligence (BI) for operations personnel, managers, analysts, and executives across the enterprise -- even customers! -- at a price Credit Unions can afford, and with a scope they can manage.

WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks

Credit unions and community banks spend a small fraction of what global and large regional banks do on analytics and data discovery solutions, meaning they fall farther behind in targeted marketing, customer acquisition and retention, personalized experiences, sales performance, pricing optimization, and operational efficiency. They recognize the need to embrace advanced analytics technologies and methods to improve marketing, reduce costs through segmentation, simplify onboarding, enhance customer value through digital solutions, deliver relevant and personalized offers, and boost productivity.

Most existing analytical solutions, however, aren’t designed to meet the needs of institutions of this size. Core system providers offer non-integrated, often antiquated solutions that address only a fraction of analytic requirements. Visualization tools provide a quick start, but can’t meet long-term needs and include limited functionality suitable only for business analysts and power users. And enterprise-scale solutions are too expensive and complex.

WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks anticipates and addresses these unique needs, allowing them to benefit from the same insights as their larger counterparts.

WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks provides the widest range of analytics and business intelligence (BI) for operations personnel, managers, analysts and power users, and executives across the enterprise – even customers.

Key Benefits

WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks provides the widest range of analytics and business intelligence (BI) for operations personnel, managers, analysts and power users, and executives across the enterprise – even customers. Extensions are available for data quality, predictive modeling, social media, big data, and so much more. WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks offers just the right set of capabilities necessary to ensure success, for today and tomorrow, such as:

  • Rapid Start. Pre-built dashboards, reports, report generator, and data model allow anyone to ask any question of any data, offering immediate out-of-the-box productivity and business value. Intuitive applications and tools ensure additional free-form exploration, all with minimal training
  • Self-Service. Authorized employees, members, and customers can independently access, report, and explore all data, dramatically eliminating dependence on small IT staff
  • Optimal User Adoption. Making analytics available and easy to use for non-technical business users, with quick answers to urgent questions, ensures widespread usage and return on investment
  • Affordability and Long-Term Value. The solution’s single platform allows organizations to start small and incrementally add new solutions and insights - all at a reasonable entry-level price point


Executive View and Starter Reports

Executives can jumpstart their analytical insights with an executive dashboard and reports. KPIs provide insight into shares, loans, member growth, and more, while charts depict product trends and other patterns for analysis. Reports enable users to drill down for more detailed data.

The executive dashboard visually aggregates and consolidates information across products, branches, and customer and member growth.

InfoApps™ – Report Generator

Users can quickly create just the report they want, replacing hundreds of individual reports with just one or two InfoApps to greatly increase analytical efficiency. The following illustrates the role, capabilities, and value of an InfoApp:

Users can select multiple subjects, fields, measures, dimensions, and filters to create their own reports.

InfoApps are highly interactive, analytical apps for non-technical users. They deliver interactive analytic content such as data visualizations, charts, graphs, and reports to users through an easy “app store-like” experience.

Content generated by an InfoApp can be published to hundreds, thousands, or in some cases, millions of users. Any authorized user can now become an Analytics author to benefit themselves, their workgroup, and the enterprise. Active Analytics allows a credit union or community bank to:

  • Target – Find customers and members, as well as the right match of products or services and reach out to them in a timely fashion
  • Personalize – Analyze a customer relationship, and create a more satisfied customer or member
  • Compete – Create new revenue sources while increasing customer loyalty, making your credit union or community bank a stronger competitor with larger banks

Logical Reporting Model

Data is consolidated into six domains: Share/Customer Account, Member/Customer, Account, Loan, Employee, and Branch. Links between these domains facilitates summary and detail reporting and analytics across the entire model.

Pre-built models accelerate the consolidation of diverse data, and make it readily available for analysis.

WebFOCUS Foundation

WebFOCUS is the foundation of the Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks solution. It provides one-stop BI shopping via an integrated portfolio of capabilities, including data management, visual discovery, predictive analytics, and operational intelligence in a single platform, coupled with an exceptional user experience.

How To Get Started

Call us. You’ll discover how the WebFOCUS Analytics for Credit Unions and Community Banks solution jumpstarts the analytics journey, provides maximum user adoption, and unlimited, long-term growth.


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  • CU Employee Community Chair

    Hi everyone,

    I’m happy to share my own analyst's perspective regarding Information Builders and STCU's WebFOCUS implementation. We're on their v8.105, still navigating the upgrade options to the latest v8.2x.

    Everyone probably already knows that for my own ad-hoc data ferreting, I’m a big fan of open-source RStudio. But let's face it — that's no solution for formalizing hardened queries that need to run against the databases day in and day out and generate reports with a level of security and robustness that we need at an enterprise level. Once I get anywhere past my R&D "first sniffs," I'm pleased to engage IB’s WebFOCUS tools (AppStudio and Reporting Server) to operationalize whatever insights I've uncovered.

    Here are a few of the fairly unique benefits our Information Builders implementation brings to the table:

    • two query tools: InfoAssist for quick queries by business users, and AppStudio for really sophisticated reportbuilding by developers. The latter takes pretty much anything I can throw at it.
    • solid integration with Excel and CSV files. They're too deeply woven into the fabric at STCU to ignore, so we need tools that play well with them. IB does.
    • the ability (through what they call Active Technologies) to make final end-user data-rich PDF reports that are completely filterable and resortable.
    • relatively easily built self-guided reports and "InfoApps" that let employees with no BI experience at all query data in a completely self-service way.
    • really robust reportcasting of reports via email links or attachments, the latter even all the way to our external members.
    • to an R guy's delight, they've even integrated an R add-on (RStat) to operationalize the predictive and clustering work I've done in RStudio (even if I’ve only done a trial of this functionality).
    • an enterprise reporting portal that bakes in responsive design to an impressive level, for the mobile users in STCU’s future.

    STCU has succeeded in converting 250 of its most critical — read: gnarliest — enterprise reports from our previous reporting system (now retired), piloted self-service analytics to branch managers, and deployed a portal front-page with top-level fresh-daily KPIs (deposits, loans, net income) and "my reports" access personalized to each employee's functional needs. Departments continue to engage the platform to pursue their silo-specific interests.

    Our technical team is in a much better position to speak to STCU's experience administering the platform and getting technical support. But, as a power user of the Information Builders platform, it's been dreamy.

    Private message me with any questions. I'm happy to elaborate on any of the capabilities I've listed, or chat through the broader BI ambitions we expect this partnership empowers.

    — Dale Davaz, STCU R&D Strategist

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