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  • CU Employee
    For our medium sized CU data analytics has always been a want but now is a need.  Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turned to to investigate and implement.  Their direction and commitment to our needs continue to  make them the partner of choice.
  • CU Employee

    We have been using Doxim's CRM solution for over a decade now and have found it be a strong and versatile platform.  We have build many internal processes around this platform and indeed used it to heavily influence coroprate culture and our member relationships quite positively.  

    For some of the old timers they still can't believe that we used to make due witout the software and new staff can't imagine another way to get their work done.  The deployment and development teams have a wealth of knowledge and have assisted us in customizing the product to suit our needs quite well.  The other side of, and the engine behind, our CRM solution is the Cognito warehouse.  We are actually looking to expand the use of this product even more in the near future and have every confidence that it will scale and integrate in whatever manners we choose or require to suit our business needs.

  • CU Employee

    I've been fortunate to watch the Doxim Customer Engagement Platform grow over the last 2 decades to meet the specific needs of credit unions.  I highly recommend their products and support and always look forward to collaboration with other CUs to keep their products relevant and fresh.

    Cognito specifically provides tools allowing us to take an analyticsl view of our owner/member relationships.  Multiple departments rely on the cubes for reporting and decision making.

  • CU Employee

    We recently implemented Doxim's BI solution.  The process was easy as Doxim's team did the heavy lifting.  When it came time for training the Doxim team came on site and provided an easy to follow training program that staff of all skillsets were able to follow.  Support staff are very responsive and helpful. 

    The feedback from our staff has been very positive.  They are amazed at how easy data access is with Doxim's solution.

  • CU Employee

    Buduchnist Credit Union has been utilzing Doxim products for over 12 years now and have found Doxim to be very responsive to our needs and requests.  We are looking forward to further enhanceing our usage of the BI within the new SaaS model that is being deployed.

  • CU Employee

    Libro has enjoyed a collaborative relationship with Doxim for many years and their professionalism and assistance has been invaluable.

  • CU Employee

    Our credit union was looking for a data warehouse and the Doxim BI solution was a great fit. It allows you to access your data in a few clicks of a button. The BI solution helps eliviate the stress on IT resources to perform ad hoc reporting. The different cube views allows staff to perform "what if scenarios" which in turn helps make business decisions on campaigns and marketing. We have created useful dashboards for staff to access on a daily basis using the Doxim BI solution. The staff at Doxim are responsive and help with any requests we have. 

  • CU Employee

    Our credit union implemented Doxim BI a few years ago, and the volume of information that we have access to is outstanding.  Doxim is very responsive regarding our requests for learning and development, which has improved our ability to use the program.  We are continually learning and, in my experience, Jason and the team are invested in ensuring that we have what we need, when we need it.  Overall I find Doxim to be very engaged with their customers and are continually requesting and acting on feedback to improve the suite of products they offer.

  • CU Employee

    I implemented and used Cognito for 4 years at First Ontario. I found the product to be extremely useful in providing the organization insights into member behavior and feedback as to the effect of various strategies and tactics.  I would recommend the product for any analytic department wishing to have a robust tool to increase visability into their organization.  I found the company to be very responsive to my request for additons or enhancments to the product and they reponded quickly to the few data issues that come up do to processing issues.

  • CU Employee

    We've been using Doxim BI for several years. The product is exceptionally user-friendly and greatly improves access to data for marketing purposes. With this tool, the marketing department has grown more independent in producing analytics to drive strategies and to contribute to everyday business decisions. Continued confidence in the success of our marketing initiatives relies on purposeful application of data, and that activity certainly hinges on an inclusive data warehouse and our reporting capabilities.

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