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Top Web Design Trends


Is your website in need of an overhaul? Finding creative inspiration can be taxing. But who says a finance site has to be boring? According to DesignAdvisor, 94% of users leave a website because of poor design so, while proper research and planning may take some time, it appears to be entirely worth it.

Imagine a physical establishment—you wouldn’t open a bank account at a bank that’s situated in a dilapidated part of town, much less one housed in a building that’s dirty and falling apart. Within the digital space, your website is your main branch. Within seconds of loading the landing page, customers and potential business partners have already formed an opinion of your organization. To help you set your best foot forward, we’ve compiled a few of the latest web design trends. Read on for ideas on how you can liven up your own website and revitalize your image online.

1. Typography-Based Design

From the boldness of Catamaran to the artistic vibes of Buffalo Handwritten, the use of oversized hero fonts to captivate audiences is in vogue. This is not necessarily the best approach for a site that wants to portray trustworthiness and reliability rather than playful creativity. But there is still a way you can make hero fonts work for your finance site and right here is an excellent example from Harvest Capital:


2. Broken Grid Design

This method isn’t particularly new to the design scene, but it hasn’t been explored enough. The approach plays with asymmetry, shifting the visual balance to guide users through content on a website. It livens up a website with unevenly divided grids and spacing, giving designers more creative methods with which to highlight or downplay content as needed. Be warned: it can be hard to execute design-wise. Tools like CSS Grid make the work much more manageable, allowing for unevenly sized and unevenly spaced grids.


3. Video Integration

You’ve seen our home page. How many seconds did you stay to watch the video and read through the slides? The proof is in the pudding: video is engaging. You can make use of this same strategy by integrating videos of events or depictions of every-day service that your organization provides.3245347658?profile=RESIZE_710x

4. Creative Animation

You don’t necessarily have to build your home page with animation as Pearl Capital does in the video on their website. But if you have data to present, or in their case, an “About Us” story to share, animation is a great, interactive way to get your message across. It’s just as engaging as video, but the animated aspect allows you to create fantastical images and interesting transitions.3245391823?profile=RESIZE_710x

A Final Word

95% of users prioritize good user experience over any other factor when they visit a site, so while a tasteful, visually pleasing website benefits your organization, usability comes first. A website that manages to marry to both, however, is sure to win users over. On that note, we wish you the best of luck on your creative journey!


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