Turning Data Into Growth

 The presentation titled "Navigating the Future with Gen AI: Turning Data into Growth," delivered by Breana Wolfert, VP of Data & Innovation, during the March 25th – 28th, 2024 CULytics event, details the transformative journey of American Heritage Credit Union through data analytics and artificial intelligence innovations. Here's a summary of the key points discussed:

Journey Overview: The presentation narrates the credit union's evolution from dealing with siloed data across numerous systems to leveraging a centralized data warehouse. Initially, the data inconsistencies and disconnected member stories posed significant challenges. With the assistance of Datava, they aggregated data from a dozen sources into one warehouse and deployed 13 workflows benefiting 11 teams, notably enhancing retail staff efficiency.

Current State and Growth: Since 2018, American Heritage has nearly doubled its asset size and membership by approximately 50%, with SEG relationships also doubling. This growth is attributed to strategic data utilization and technological advancements.

Enhancing Member Experience with AI: The credit union has introduced AI and machine learning technologies to improve decision-making and member services, such as predicting the next best product or service for members, identifying members likely to leave, and thereby enhancing retention strategies.

Future Strategies: For non-engaging members, strategies like direct digital engagement through the member portal or app, predictive email campaigns, and developing personalized member personas using AI/ML are proposed to enhance satisfaction and retention.

Upcoming Roadmap: The future focus includes AI-augmented data governance, developing a modern enterprise data platform, implementing conversational AI for ad-hoc queries, and enhancing anomaly and fraud detection with AI/ML.

The Next Chapter: The vision is to leverage data combined with AI/ML to empower staff, thereby delivering better service and products. Integrating additional data sources with AI/ML models aims to develop a more comprehensive understanding of members' needs and preferences.

The presentation concludes by emphasizing the potential of generative AI and AI/ML technologies in transforming credit union operations, member engagement, and growth, setting the stage for a data-driven future at American Heritage Credit Union.

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