In this session, Anne Legg, Founder, Thrive Strategic, Services discovers the transformative power of generative AI and AI within the credit union sector through this comprehensive case study presentation. As AI reshapes the financial landscape, credit unions are leading the charge, employing this dynamic technology to enhance finance management, operational efficiency, and member engagement across digital platforms, branches, and call centers.

This session will spotlight several AI credit union use cases, revealing how they are using generative AI to meet and exceed their comprehensive objectives. Participants will glean valuable insights into the implementation of AI for data analysis, risk management, personalized member interactions, and strategic marketing initiatives.

We'll explore the triumphs and trials of these institutions, including how they address cultural integration, cybersecurity, and unbiased algorithmic implementation. This presentation promises a deep dive into the practical applications of AI, providing actionable strategies and solutions for credit unions aiming to harness the potential of this 'technological tractor' to foster growth and maintain competitive advantage.

Join us for an inspiring journey into the future of credit unions, where generative AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for industry-wide innovation and prosperity. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, boost member satisfaction, or drive financial success, this session is your roadmap to cutting-edge financial technology applications.

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