Ideas Dont Die. Companies Do.

Hari Abburi, Future Skills Curator & Faculty at The Fast Future Executive shared a keynote on "Ideas Don’t Die. Companies Do" In this enlightening session, he delved into:

  1. Historical Idea Evolution: Witnessed how companies thrive through innovation by embracing and reshaping ideas across eras.
  2. Intersecting Innovation: Discovered winning tactics where industries, technologies, interfaces, and insights converge.
  3. Camera to RPA Transition: Traced the journey of the camera concept from Kodak to modern applications like Robotic Process Automation.
  4. Iterative Innovation: Explored how ideas such as property rental and social media functionalities propagate across platforms, shaping trends like TikTok.
  5. Enduring Concepts: Explored the enduring influence of concepts like Chatbots, Buy Now Pay Later, and Reusable Rockets, illuminating their multifaceted applications and value across various companies.
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