This session features a discussion among the CU Leaders, Kelly Gage, Sophia Duan, and Richard Hayden, who represent different credit unions. They discuss the evolution of analytics within their respective credit unions and how they've navigated challenges to drive business value.

Sophia discusses the journey of building analytics capabilities, starting from descriptive analysis to predictive models like underwriting and collections. She highlights the importance of collaboration with business units to solve problems effectively and shares a success story of using a deposit retention model to retain members.

Richard emphasizes the importance of scaling analytics based on demand and fostering a culture of test and control within his team. He discusses the significance of operationalizing models and measuring their performance over time to ensure effectiveness.

Kelly shares insights into her credit union's analytics initiatives, including developing reporting for staff and promoting data literacy. She also discusses future plans such as leveraging AI to improve member interactions and streamlining processes through automation tools.

Throughout the discussion, the speakers address questions from the audience regarding automation tools, observation periods for model implementation, and deployment methods. They provide insights into their approaches to model development, testing, and deployment, emphasizing the need for collaboration, experimentation, and continuous improvement.

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