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Webinar Guidelines / FAQ

General Information / Guidelines

Speaker guidelines/terms and conditions

  1. By submitting a proposal, the speaker agrees to the standard copyright and reproduction terms of the webinar event. These terms provide that copyright of original presentation material remains with the speaker. However, CULytics is granted the right to record, reproduce and distribute each presentation in all forms both printed and electronic including, but not limited to, printed attendee notes, the conference website, and audio and/or video recordings (digital and/or analog) without royalties or fees payable to the speaker. Speaker represents that they own any intellectual property they distribute. 
  2. Speaker agrees that he/she is either the owner of the material and has permission from his/her company to make the presentation. All speaking proposals are deemed to be made on behalf of the individual speaker. As such, when a speaker changes his/her employer or organization after being invited to speak, the individual speaker is deemed to retain the invitation rather than deferring to his/her original employer.
  3. Speaker shall defend, indemnify and hold CULytics Client, its agents, officers, directors, and employees harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, demands, attorneys’ fees, damages, liabilities, costs, expenses, obligations, causes of action or suits arising out of or resulting from Speakers participation in the Summit.
  4. Sales pitches for specific vendor, services or product offerings or disparaging comments of other sponsors, speakers or attendees are strictly prohibited.
  5. There are no fees or reimbursements payable to speakers unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  6. Please provide your presentation to admin@culytics.com in PDF or PPT format one week before your presentation is due. Speakers who do not meet the submission deadline risk their webinar being canceled/replaced.
  7.  All questions regarding the webinar or speaker guidelines may be sent to us to admin@culytics.com.
  8. Presentations should be created in Powerpoint using the CULytics template provided below.


    Download CULytics Webinar Template Submit Proposal

Frequently Asked Questions

How long the webinar would be? How is the webinar time divided?

The webinar is for 60 minutes. There, you will be having 5 minutes for introduction, 40-45 minutes of presentation and finally 10-15 minutes for entertaining the questions asked by the attendees.

Do I need to have a customer presenter?

CULytics audiences prefer that the webinars to be in case-study format with real experiences from customers. We do understand that vendors bring in good expertise and experience, however preference is given to speakers who represent credit unions, banks and other end customers. For vendor led presentations, have a customer as co-presenter.

What marketing strategy is CULytics using to get people sign up for the webinar?

CULytics is promoting the webinar through multiple channels including the following:

  1. Monthly newsletter that goes out to 1000's of contacts in the CU industry.
  2. Twitter
  3. sharing on Linkedin
  4. Sharing on multiple Credit Union specific Linkedin Groups

Do let us know if there are other ways, we can further promote the event.

Will we have access to the email list of people that sign up, and then those that ultimately attended the webinar?

We do not share the list of attendees. You are more than welcome to start a discussion on CULytics after the webinar and also provide your contact info during the presentation and ask people to reach out in case of questions.

We would like to advertise the webinar to our mailing lists as well. However the vast majority of these people are not CULytics users. Is there a way they can sign up for the webinar without being a user?

CULytics webinars are free for all attendees. People should be able to get the Zoom URL for the webinar and attend the event. You can use your event's zoom URL to promote.

What are the max number of entrants for the webinar?

Zoom can support around 100 people.

Will this be recorded? If so, can you make this available to us after the webinar?

Yes, the webinar will be recorded and made available through CULytics youtube channel.

How will the Q&A be moderated? Will users send questions via the chat? Will there be a moderator from CULytics or shall we pick what questions to answer?

Yes, Q&A will be moderated. There will be moderator who would start the session before passing to you and also take the questions during the session. Attendees can send questions via chat or can ask questions over phone towards the end of the session.

What system are we using for the webinar?

We use Zoom system for the webinar.

Can I include video in my presentation?

We see that Video do no render properly over zoom and therefore we suggest not to use them in your presentations.

Can I use powerpoint animation in my presentation?

We will give you control during the presentation to share your desktop. Based on network bandwidth some of the attendees might experience delays with animation and therefore we suggest avoiding too many animations in your presentation.

When will you need the final content in the PPT template?

You need to provide us with the final content 2-3 weeks prior to the actual Webinar.

When should we login at the day of the event?

You need to login 15 minutes prior to the actual time of the event.

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