Volunteer Leadership

Strong collaborative partnerships are crucial for the ongoing success of Credit Union movement in its efforts to build data analytics maturity and drive digital transformation. Credit Unions with limited resources but excellent community partnerships can collaborate aggressively to drive this transformation. At CULytics, we have established a volunteer leadership structure of “Community Chairs” that work across credit unions to support their data analytics and digital transformation initiatives.

The role of the community chairs is to be responsive to the CULytics community as well as their local credit unions. Community chair concept centers around the idea of “community building” and creating “conditions that matter” in the credit union industry. Community chairs help lead and synergize efforts that bring people together, helps people build a common vision for shared efforts, and mentors additional leaders to help the initiative grow and evolve.

Learn how to get involved and play a bigger role in shaping how data and analytics is used in the CU Industry.

Join as Community Chair and/or Expert. Here is the latest outline of responsibilities for these roles. They will get updated over time as community matures.

Community Chair Responsibilities

  • Setup the strategic direction of the community by defining/refining objectives and road-map of the community based on CU needs.
  • Contribute to setting up of short and long terms priorities that are aligned with the strategy.
  • Drive strategic planning of community activities to ensure that all activities are in accordance with the community's mission.
  • Drive development and definition of community goals.
  • Promote and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants. Make new members feel welcomed.
  • Moderate the content/discussion on the community. Encourage conversations and content from members. 
  • Educate members and event participants about the community section specific endeavors.
  • Work with a wide range of individuals and find the common ground and goals that everyone is comfortable working towards.
  • Resolve interpersonal problems or disagreements about how to proceed with specific objectives for the community.
  • Attend 75% or more community chairs monthly meetings (30 min every month) and offer advice and insights to promote collaboration and strategic direction of CUlytics.
  • This effort is expected to require commitment of about 4-8 hours every month.

"Expert" Responsibilities

  • As a thought leader, who is knowledgeable and up-to-date with industry trends, contribute to the discussions on the community. Your knowledge as a thought leader is based on experience, both past and present, the latest news coming out of your industry, and use that to educate your audience.
  • Engage your audience through blog posts, infographics, web series, live streaming, etc.
  • Have 2 or more posts on the community every month.
  • This effort is expected to require commitment of about 4-8 hours every month.

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