Volunteer Leadership

Learn how to get involved and play a bigger role in shaping how data and analytics is used in the CU Industry.

Join as Community Chair and/or Expert. 

Community Chair Duties

  • Setup the strategic direction of the community by defining/refining objectives and road-map of the community based on CU needs.
  • Contribute to setting up of short and long terms priorities that are aligned with the strategy.
  • Drive strategic planning of community activities to ensure that all activities are in accordance with the community's mission.
  • Drive development and definition of community goals.
  • Promote and ensure a safe and respectful environment for all participants. Make new members feel welcomed.
  • Moderate the content/discussion on the community. Encourage conversations and content from members. 
  • Educate members and event participants about the community section specific endeavors.
  • Work with a wide range of individuals and find the common ground and goals that everyone is comfortable working towards.
  • Resolve interpersonal problems or disagreements about how to proceed with specific objectives for the community.
  • Attend at least 75% community chairs monthly meetings (30 min every month) and offer advice and insights to promote collaboration and strategic direction of CUlytics.
  • This effort is expected to require commitment of about 4-8 hours every month.

"Expert" Duties

  • Be available for up to 4 hours every month to provide expert guidance to peers from other CUs.
  • Guidance can be given via discussion forums, emails and/or phone call
  • Publish your availability calendar to the community.

Send your requests to admin@culytics.com.