Strategy Workshops



Workshop - Evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions

Are you looking for the right marketing automation solution that is right for your organization? What are the key factors that you should keep in mind when making the decision?

In this two - part workshop, we are going to share with you a proven structured way to define your requirements in DIY (Do It Yourself), prioritize them and then evaluate various solutions that are available in the market.

Workshop - Create an On-boarding Strategy that Delivers Success

When member join your organization, the onboarding process plays a critical role in keeping them engaged right from the beginning. It’s an opportunity for you to highlight what you offer new members, enabling them to be successful.

Attend this two - part workshop, where we will discuss various onboarding methods and discover what are best for your members and your organization.



These workshops allowed us for greater alignment of strategic initiatives to tactical business unit initiatives.

— Nick Ambrosini

CFO, Valley Strong FCU