Jeff Greatorex liked Medhavi Singla's article CloudCherry in Credit Union Solutions Gallery - CULytics
Mar 13
Jeff Greatorex commented on Naveen Jain's blog post Top 10 KPIs for Measuring Marketing Effectiveness
"Love #7 - "Everything is interlinked and correlated." Agreed! Don't settle for an NPS vendor that can't clearly map out the value of their service. "
Mar 5
Jeff Greatorex commented on Medhavi Singla's blog post Top 10 KPIs for measuring Contact Center Efficiency
"Love these KPIs, Medhavi. For # 10, the "Holy Grail" is being able to tie NPS to Revenue Growth. Over at CloudCherry, we do this *real-time* in a very user-friendly way. :)"
Mar 5
Jeff Greatorex replied to Brett Sturgeon's discussion Net Promoter Score
"Hey Brett! Just sent you an email. Looking forward to speaking more..."
Mar 2