Dale Davaz replied to Hemanth Gangaram's discussion Geocoding database
"Folks interested in geocoding may want to consult this previous post for some introductory information. Solutions noted there include ESRI, MapInfo, ggmap for R — and I understand more recently that Alteryx also enables geocoding capabilities. I do…"
Apr 16
Dale Davaz replied to Donnie Price's discussion Consumer Banking Transaction Data - Citibank Announcement
"Great post, Donnie.
The practice of sharing online banking access seems to anticipate some of the “consumers-are-king” thinking that’s fueling initiatives like PSD2. I’d like to think that smart, progressive credit unions can win in that environment…"
Mar 26
Dale Davaz replied to Larry Guayante's discussion Geocoding
"You bet, Naveen. Here's a little primer for anyone unfamiliar, given my humble experience.
Essentially, geocoding involves the process of tagging the addresses of members or prospective members (or sites of interest, including competitor locations)…"
Mar 25
Dale Davaz replied to KURT T SCHMIDT's discussion Strategy Creation
"Heya Kurt,
STCU manages a strategic analytics roadmap that plots trajectories mostly in three areas — BI for management, BI for member experiences, and BI for the future. In the first bucket we document our intentions for dashboarding and other init…"
Mar 23
Dale Davaz replied to Larry Guayante's discussion Geocoding
"Great question, Larry!
I can't speak for others, but I'm just adventurous enough (or stingy enough) that I'm headed down the path of doing just 2500 addresses a day with the Google Geocoding API as implemented in Hadley Wickham's "geocode" function…"
Mar 22
Dale Davaz commented on Medhavi Singla's blog post Top 10 KPIs for measuring Retail Channel Performance
"This is an altogether excellent list of retail channel KPIs, Medhavi!
Per-FTE measures, acquisition cost metrics, churn figures — they're all extremely useful but, if I have one very modest concern, it's how they're so very focused on efficiency. Ge…"
Nov 8, 2017
Dale Davaz replied to Naveen Jain's discussion What are the top blogs and sites for banking and CU innovation?
Oct 30, 2017
Dale Davaz commented on Jennifer McGinn's blog post How much is too much personalization?
"It's a very challenging blog post, Jennifer — thanks for sharing it!
I tend to agree that a segment of of our members (large? small?) equate personalization with relevance and will embrace it as quickly as we can deliver it. They're happy if not anx…"
Oct 19, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Michelle Bloedorn
"It's a great treat to welcome Michelle Bloedorn from Member Loyalty Group — our industry's top-tier analysts of net promoter scores — to the CULytics community! Thanks for joining, Michelle, and we look forward to you sharing many insights with this…"
Sep 11, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Mareike Schmidt-Thiede-Beam
"Special thanks to Mareika Schmidt-Thiede-Beam, analyst at Centra CU in Indianapolis, for joining the CULytics community! Take a minute, Mareika, and share a little bit about the BI program at Centra, and what your current BI interests are — https://…"
Sep 6, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Travis Jones
"I'm extremely pleased to welcome Travis Jones, BI Analyst at Grow Financial FCU, to the CULytics community! Take a moment, Travis, and share a little about yourself and your current analytics ambitions in our Introduce Yourself area (http://culytics…"
Aug 25, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Gary Ryan
"Very pleased to welcome Gary Ryan from Denodo — the data virtualization company — to the CULytics community. It's great to have your voice added to the Solutions Gallery, Gary!"
Aug 25, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Olga Rodriguez
"It's a delight to have Olga Rodriguez of WBR (Worldwide Business Research) become a member of the CULytics community. They're hosts to lots of the great industry conferences here, there, and everywhere — and it's great to have Olga peeking in on the…"
Aug 23, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Lori Hawthorne
"A warm CULytics welcome to Lori Hawthorne of the Future Digital Finance Conference! We're excited to have you join this community, Lori, with your pulse so close to the cutting edge of the financial services industry. We trust that analytics figures…"
Aug 23, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Mike Scully
"I'm very pleased to welcome Mike Scully to the CULytics community. Mike heads up the S3 CUSO that serves Bellco, Bethpage, and SECU — and is sure to add great insights to our varied analytics discussions. So nice to have you participating, Mike."
Aug 23, 2017
Dale Davaz left a comment for Ronald S Larry
"It's a pleasure to welcome Ronald S. Larry from Support EXP to the CULytics Solution Gallery. His company is busy helping credit union analyze and optimize performance, an interest I'm sure lots of participants of this community share. Thanks for jo…"
Aug 23, 2017