Marketing Consulting

CULytics Marketing Consulting service is designed to help your marketing leaders and team achieve their goals for new member acquisition, member engagement, product penetration, and company growth.

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Marketing Consulting



  • The recent business turmoil has shown that marketing is a critical function within a credit union.

  • A solid marketing engine builds the foundation that is key to growing and maintaining membership and use of credit union products.

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But growing demand for new communication channels and styles, coupled with emerging digital-first competitors, are straining many marketing organizations. Past success has insulated them from learning and adapting to new ways of marketing. They have become reactive to every novel marketing idea rather than proactively seeking out new ways of thinking that will have a sustainable impact. They often find themselves on the treadmill of doing more but without a cohesive strategy aligned with the evolving needs of the credit union.

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This is an all-too-common reality for many credit unions. It does not mean that your marketers are not capable. Their insights into your brand and how your messaging resonates with your community are invaluable. What they need is guidance on how to align strategically with credit union objectives, how and when to change course, and how to measure results to ensure performance. CULytics Marketing Consulting can offer the expertise needed to get your marketing back on track.

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What We Offer

Here is what is included in the Marketing Consulting services that we offer:

  • Executive Team Support

    We consult with the credit union’s CEO, CMO, and the leadership team to give an executive marketing perspective on current credit union performance and initiatives. This provides valuable independent validation of strategy as well as evaluation of your efforts and staff.

  • Marketing Mentorship

    We coach your marketing leaders to help them be more effective partners with the rest of the credit union leadership team. We help leaders develop the tools they need to effectively marshal marketing resources to meet swiftly evolving needs.

    And where needed, we can provide guidance to individual team members to help them develop more fully as engaged members of the marketing team. We help them adapt to the changing marketing tactics needed to be successful in today’s online-first environment.

  • Marketing Strategy

    We facilitate the development of a marketing strategy tied closely with your overall business objectives and goals. Typically, we connect with your business leaders in a 1-2 day planning session to guide the creation of a strategy that you can stand behind.

    We also help you design communication tools such as dashboards and calendars to keep your organization apprised of marketing activities and achievements. By ensuring organization-wide alignment, this strategy will deliver results quickly and with ongoing coordination will pay serious dividends over the long term.

  • Marketing Tactics and Execution

    We support the marketing team in creating realistic plans to achieve their strategic goals. This includes identifying which metrics should be tracked to ensure accomplishment of objectives and to provide a clear understanding of return on marketing investment.

    We also assist the marketing organization in understanding and implementing innovative marketing techniques and the requisite tools that are needed in today’s environment. We guide the work to gather stakeholder requirements, assist your team in choosing appropriate vendors and help manage the implementation of needed systems. We also assist in the identification and selection of outsourced agencies where desired.

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  • Our engagement with CULytics has resulted in multiple benefits for our organization. It has resulted in new engagements with our members as well as enhanced revenue growth.

    Michael George

    SVP and Chief Marketing, Innovation and Advocacy Officer,
    Valley Strong Credit Union