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About Culytics Experts Program

CULytics Experts Program recognizes the individuals who are experts and thought leaders in one or more Digital Transformation areas/technologies. These professionals actively contribute and support the credit union ecosystems around the nation, helping the peers on their transformation journey.

Experts are invited to join closed communities and mailing lists designed to help share learnings and best practices with their peers.

Experts get invited to help peer credit unions on their transformation initiatives through 1:1 conference calls/meetings that are organized by CULytics based on Experts availability.

Acknowledgment by CULytics

All Experts are featured on the Directory page and have an individual public profile on the program website to help promote their relationship with CULytics.

Invitation to Events

Once a year, CULytics invites the most active Experts from around the nation to the Annual Summit.

Experts get discounted registrations to the Summit. Experts also get invited to participate in exclusive projects like speaking, mentoring, etc. at CULytics Summit.



  1. As a thought leader, who is knowledgeable and up-to-date with industry trends, contribute to the discussions on the community. Your knowledge as a thought leader is based on experience, both past and present, the latest news coming out of your industry, and use that to educate your audience.
  2. Engage your audience through blog posts, infographics, web series, live streaming, etc.
  3. Solve the issues and help the audience with your expertise through scheduled meetings.
  4. This effort is expected to require a commitment of about 4-8 hours every month.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria and Terms

  1.   Be an expert in the subject area.
  2.   Mentoring peer credit union leaders in designing, developing, and deploying their transformation initiatives.
  3.   Have the ability to articulate clearly and provide meaningful advice to others.

Experts agree to the standard copyright and reproduction terms of their participation in the program. These terms provide that copyright of original content remains with the speaker. However, CULytics is granted the right to record, reproduce and distribute the content in all forms both printed and electronic including, but not limited to, printed attendee notes, the website, and audio and/or video recordings (digital and/or analog) without royalties or fees payable to the speaker. Speaker represents that they own any intellectual property they distribute.

Experts agree that he/she is either the owner of the content and has permission from his/her company to share the content as part of the program.

CULytics Experts program is a volunteer program. There is no fees or reimbursements paid. The initial term is one year. Either party can terminate the relationship at any time.

CULytics reserves the right to change/update these terms at any time.

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