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Using OnApproach Solution

I was hoping to hear feedback from those that have investigated and purchased the OnApproach solution.

I'm interested in hearing the success and pain points.  
Some things we have yet to ask them; maybe you can shed light on is what about subject areas that are not part of their solution, like for example our Cisco Call Center data probably they don't have a connector - is it easy to extend our own data marts along side or with their solution?
Tell all! 

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  • CU Employee

    We have been with OA a few years now. Initially went live on v3 of M360 on the UltraData core. Currently in the middle of a project to upgrade to v4. Many benefits to this version on paper, have yet to be able to test things and verify it does what it's supposed to do. The big feature we are looking forward to is the Type 2 Slow Changing Dimension. Will get the opportunity to test the "core agonistic" architecture of v4 when we do a core conversion soon.

    We only have one ancillary system importing into the warehouse currently. That is the PSCU credit card data. It's working well and was the best implementation experience for us so far. We have not tried to build any of our own connectors but we think it could be done.

    Our biggest challenge/pain point so far with them is the time it takes to implement projects. They are still growing and making improvements.

  • CU Employee CULytics Founder

    Thanks for posting this discussion. If you do not get the info that you are looking for then, you might want to reach out to reviewers for OnApproach on Solutions Gallery and seek their input.


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