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System access as a BI department

I'm curious as to what level your BI department has to the front end of the different systems that you're running analysis or reports on?  For instance, as you bring ancillaries into your data warehouse, are you getting a user account for the front end in order to help validate the data being imported? 

As an example, we want to bring MerdianLink data into our warehouse.  The analysts want a user account for LoansPQ so that they can see how the fields are being used that they are working with on the back end.  In this case, we are not in the loan department or employees that setup loans for members.  In most cases "read only" access should be fine, but in this particular example we'd like access to the reports inside of MerdianLink as well.  We've been told that this gives a level of "write" access, or the ability to change things which creates a road block for us.  

We need to be seen as having a business purpose for access to that system.  Anyone else experiencing these challenges as well?

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    Many third party applications provide API or ability to FTP data feed. Perhaps MeridianLink may have such functionality to their Loans PQ reports that you may want to explore.

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    Our BI department mostly has read-only access to the application data so that it can be extracted and imported into EDW.

    In the case you mentioned, it appears a limitation of MeridianLink as most applications allow report access without write access.


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