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Credit Union Analytics webinar series is designed specifically for Financial Industry (CUs) with a primary focus on data and analytics to enable  Credit Unions across the nation to embrace state-of-the art technologies. We hope that this will allow them to manage increased pressure  to reduce costs and drive stickier, more profitable relationships with their members while attracting new members and expanding their businesses into newer territories.

Date/Time and Format

These webinars are typically held on  3rd or 4th week of a month for a duration of one hour beginning anywhere  from 10 AM to 1 PM pacific time. These webinars are typically 45 mins of presentation followed by 15 min of Q&A. Entire session is recorded and the ppt and recording is shared with the wider CU community after the event.

These webinars are purely educational webinars. Sales pitches for specific vendor, services or product offerings or disparaging comments of other sponsors, speakers or attendees are strictly prohibited.

Target Audience

In the past webinars, we have seen anywhere from 25 to 50 people joining from various CUs across the nation. They include Analysts as well as business leaders (Directors and VPs) from various functions.


These online seminars are conducted by industry experts, innovators and creative leaders. By sharing your knowledge at the Webinar, your words will be shared across hundreds of attendees eager to listen about your roadblocks, successes, and approaches you have taken towards implementing analytical programs. You will be seen as a mentor and someone that attendees can  look up to when putting forth new strategies and processes. When creating new data programs, individuals seek guidance and your advice and opinions may go a long way in shaping up the credit union industry. Along with speaking, the Webinar offers you the chance to network with other professionals within the credit union industry and discover new data 


  1. Do you have an interesting case-study to share with the audience? Do let us know and we will put you on our webinar calendar.
  2. Would you like to recommend a speaker for this  webinar Series? Please send their contact info and we can touch-base with them and put them on our calendar.

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