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Questions to CU Data Leaders - Need input

I am putting together few questions to ask data leaders (business leaders from different business functions) in our organization. What would be the key question/s you would ask to your CU data leader? 

Few sample questions below;

Q1. How easy or difficult was it for you to get data you needed when you joined FT.  How did you use the data and how much effort or time would you/team spend on data prep?


Q2. For a moment, let’s assume you have all the data you need, what would you do next?


Q3.  How do you foster data driven approach to business questions in your business? Or does it matter?

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    Sure, but I was thinking that instead of just a star topography structure, we could maybe have a ring and a hub, where some of the meeting are purely peer-to-peer and more informal, where we could focus on a specific issue or topic and get more granular with it. As an example, when we did our individual challenges earlier this year, we spent a lot of time trying to find a solution. But if we brought our challenges to the group to try and brainstorm resources and solutions, we could have leveraged our peer's knowledge and experience.

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    Hi Rob,

    Good suggestion. 

    In your opinion, are monthly power analysts meeting and quarterly meetups helping?


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    We currently have an outstanding structure set up within our organization for analysts to communicate with our Digital Analytics team, and through them with other analysts. Do you see benefit in improved coordination among our different analytic groups (adding a lateral layer) within the organization, to reduce redundancy, leverage diverse expertise (systems/data knowledge), and risk mitigation? If yes, how could that be implemented?

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