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I am Naveen Jain, VP Digital Analytics at First Tech Fed Credit Union. Joined FTFCU in April-2014 and it has been an incredible journey so far. I am also the host of Credit Union Analytics Summit, which has now become the largest CU Analytics event of its kind.

Looking forward for meeting you all.

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  • Vendor

    Hello, my name is Siri Chakka and I am the Chief Strategy Officer of gameFI, an online SAAS platform that uses gamification to help Credit Unions create stronger sales and service cultures. Our founders Matt Davis and Jason Milesko leveraged their strong backgrounds supporting credit unions, including their time at Filene Research Institute, to develop this platform specifically for credit unions, and their work is paying off as our clients are seeing real results! Looking forward to learning more about the issues facing credit unions today and helping spread the word of gamification and how it can help credit unions. 

  • CU Employee

    Hello! My name is Michelle Hunter and I am SVP of Marketing at Credit Union of Southern California. I'm excited to advance myself and credit union through the insights of the  CULytics community!

    • CU Employee

      Nice meeting you at Summit 2018....exciting times ahead.

  • CUSO

    I am Amber Harsin, Director of Product Management for CUProdigy, a CUSO owned core provider based out of Layton, UT. I have been with a core for 3 years. Prior to my time with a core provider, I spent 16 years in the credit union industry with some fantastic Utah based CU's.  Business Intelligence is how we are going to take the industry we all love to the next level and I am excited to participate in anyway I can to help CU's meet their goals. 

  • I'm a writer for and before that with Credit Union Times. Interested in all things technology and credit union and looking forward to learning more about analytics here.

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  • CU Employee

    I am Heidi Cleveland, Chief Marketing Officer at Verity Credit Union in Seattle, Washington.  I've been at the CU for just four months, but I have been in financial institution marketing for both banks and credit unions for 23 years.  I oversee both Marketing and our Research & Analytics Departments. I am personally working on increasing my knowledge of data and analytics, so I appreciate suggestions for any resources that may assist me or Verity Credit Union.

  • Vendor

    Hello, all.  Jon Deutsch, Head of Financial Services at Information Builders, glad to be aboard.  Information Builders maintains a practice and systems engineering dedicated to the Credit Union movement.  Our solution inventory includes pre-built executive dashboards for measuring member experience, product and branch performance, interactive reports and patented InfoApps -- all exclusive to Credit Union operations -- powered by the industry-leading Information Builders platform for data management and analytics.  

  • Vendor

    I am Clint Papesch, founder of AutoLine Marketing Group.  Our mission is to secure the credit union auto lending process with our AutoCash member reward certificate through a network of preferred dealers.  Our clients experience is improved member service and loan retention on average of 90%.  Dealer loyalty is earned with affinity referrals from the credit union lending department.  The value is real time measurable results and leveraging dealer marketing dollars for a cost-free program for the credit union. 

  • CU Employee

    Hello! I'm Brenton Paulsen. I have recently started a new position at Maps Credit Union as their Director of Business Intelligence. Looking forward to learning from the experience of this community.

  • Vendor

    I'm Raghavan Madabusi, VP of Treselle Systems( helping customers in fintech industry to solve their data problems. We are the team behind a capital market investment analytics company for the past 5 years developed multiple products across Energy, Banks, Retail, Healthcare, and Real Estate. We have been in talks with different credit unions across US to understand their pain points with their data. Please check out recent blog on Culytics (

    Treselle Systems | Big Data, Technology & Integration, Quality Assurance
    Multiple Award Winning Technology Services and Product Development Company helping clients develop products and execute IT projects in the areas of b…
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