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I am Naveen Jain, VP Digital Analytics at First Tech Fed Credit Union. Joined FTFCU in April-2014 and it has been an incredible journey so far. I am also the host of Credit Union Analytics Summit, which has now become the largest CU Analytics event of its kind.

Looking forward for meeting you all.

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  • CU Employee

    Hello All, 

    I am the CFO at $0.85B Rivermark Community Credit Union in Portland, OR. I am interested in the impact Business Intelligence can have on our members experience. While I deal in the realm of balance sheet management, financial risk, budgeting and forecasting as a result of member activity, I realize the importance of our success is being able to anticipate members needs and understand how to make financial transactions more fulfilling or more importantly, less of a nusance. I look forward to learning more from this group as we look to harness the power of information to empower our membership.


  • CU Employee

    Hi there!  I am the CMO at First Entertainment CU ($1.5B).  I've been with the First Ent. for a year, and previously was the VP of Marketing at Golden 1 C.U  ($10B). and SVP and Head of Marketing for Bank of Hope ($13B) for 5 years, and prior to that 12+ years as VP and head of PR and Media Services for a leading multicultural marketing firm serving as a lead strategist working with leading Fortune 100 clients and government entities. As our CU embarks in our data strategy, would love to collaborate with other CUs that are also engaged in BI and data analytics.   

  • CU Employee

    Hello, I work for SCE FCU as the Director of Business Process Analysis. I've worked in the credit union industry for 35 years and got serious about data with the introduction of Microsoft SQL Server 2000. I'm looking forward to collaborating with others as we move through our data analytics journey!

  • CU Employee

    Howdy!  I'm just under 3 years in a marketing role & at a credit union.  Really impressed at the CU movement & see great potential for CUs to gain market share in the years to come.  Hoping that my CU will have some more tech advancements in the next couple years to help with gathering data and responding to members' needs. 

    My new friend, Sundeep Kapur, recommended I join...happy to be here...looking forward to chatting with you...

  • CU Employee

    I am Rhonda Taylor from Penfinancial CU.  As a lifer CU employee for almost 29 years, the need and use of data analytics has always been a want but now a need.  Our partnership with Doxim has been a long standing one and they are the first we turn too as an organization to support these needs.

  • Vendor

    Hi Naveen and thanks for the productive call we had yesterday.

    I'm the President & CEO of FlowTracker Analytics Inc. and we are pleased to be included in the CULytics Solution Gallery.

    Our mission is simple: we're making analytics accessible to Credit Unions.What that means in practice is we have invented and patented a unique analysis capability that helps Sales, Marketing and Finance leaders grow deposit and loan portfolios with tools they can actually use at a price point they can afford. We achieve this by leveraging data that is already available at any Credit Union and the best, lowest cost BI platform in the market (Microsoft's) to bring over 75 pre-built interactive visualizations to your device of choice.

    I invite everyone who wants to grow deposit and loan portoflios to talk with us about smarter performance management, targeting for growth,dynamic member insights and deeper product intelligence. Learn something new, get a free demo, or do a trial with your data in two weeks... we're here to help.

    Looking forward to some great conversations here! 

    Dave McNab

    President & CEO

    FlowTracker Analytics Inc.



    Here's a screenshot of PowerBI reporting we provide right out of the box (OOB)...  so much better than spreadsheets!

    Home - FlowTracker Analytics
    Manage banking sales, attrition, cross-selling and product substitution with FlowTracker. Patented advanced customer behavior analytics for banks ena…
  • Vendor

    Hi all,

    I am Ray Cade with Information Builders. Information Builders offers a Credit Union Analytics and Data Management platform. I assist credit unions in the West Region with their Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Management and Big Data strategies. I help credit unions use technology as an enabler to access data across the entire enterprise for impactful insights. Below is my contact information if anyone has questions. I look forward to meeting many of you at the CULytics event in Seattle next month.


    Ray Cade

  • CU Employee


    Alex Carmichael here. Until recently, director of research / analytics for Maps CU in Salem Oregon. 

    Less than a year ago, I jumped ship from the CU industry for a shiny new position across town.

    I've found that I miss the passion, innovation, and community I experienced in my 14 years in the credit union industry.

    If any of you are seeking experienced BI, data science, or analytics management talent, especially in the Pacific Northwest, feel free to reach out. 

    Alex Carmichael

    a_carmichael (@)

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