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Hello fellow peers. I was wondering if any of you has calculated Return On Marketing Investment For Checking Accounts? 


Thank you,



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    Hi Milena,

    In the past, I have built a model that can calculate the lifetime value of various accounts. The objective was to understand how much marketing investment should be made to get that next account. If an organization is making an investment of $500 to get the next account but that account is expected to only return $400 (NPV) over its life than it does not make sense to make that investment. However, if the account is expected to make the return of $1000 (NPV) over its life then it makes sense to make that investment.

    This model was basically looking at the income that is generated from various accounts and then multiplies it with the average life of an account to get the lifetime value.

    I would love to understand is that what you were thinking when you posted this question.



    • CU Employee

      Hi Naveen. I have sent you a message on LinkedIn. I was wondering if I can have your number or you can call me so that we can talk about the projects that you have done in the past. Thank you. Milena

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