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Geocoding database

How many of you use Geocoding database for any geo mapping analysis? What tool or third party data service have you use to help with this info?

At the CULytics Summit, I noticed the presentation from Jon Voorhees, had geo mapping from ESRI. Other available known sources are Tom Tom, Experian, Axciom, etc to name a few. Share your choices and what use cases are you using for.



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  • CU Employee Community Chair

    Folks interested in geocoding may want to consult this previous post for some introductory information. Solutions noted there include ESRI, MapInfo, ggmap for R — and I understand more recently that Alteryx also enables geocoding capabilities. I do like Hemanth's initial questions — it'd be great to get a sense of the percentage of credit unions in the community that leverage geolocation data in their analytics, and the specific ways it delivers useful insights for them. Please add your own replies below.

    Dale Davaz
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    What service providers are you using to append geocode to your member address information?   Are you geocoding to the street level?
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