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To my Colleagues and Supporters of the 2020 CULytics Summit;

At this point, I’ve heard from a number of you in response to our process of re-planning the 2020 CULytics Summit.  I would really like to say that we appreciate everyone’s support as we work through this unique situation.

I am pleased to announce that we have confirmed the 2020 CULytics Summit will be rescheduled for August 24th through 27th.  Of course, there will be changes in logistics required by all of us and I hope there will be a minimum of issues.  The conference will be held in the same Microsoft Campus (different building) so the same hotel and flight reservations could be rescheduled. 

In addition to the new Summit dates, I’d like to ask you to hold the date on Tuesday, March 31st.  As a Summit attendee, you’ll be invited to a full one-day virtual event with some of the speakers and content originally planned for that day.

We’re excited for the rescheduled 2020 CULytics Summit on August 24-27th, the Virtual Summit Day on Tuesday, March 31st, and of course we’re pleased to put everyone’s mind at ease regarding travel during the current crisis.  For any questions, we’re starting an FAQ document that is posted in the CULytics Transformation Center.

Thank you for all your support,



Question - What do I need to do to transfer my registration to the new event dates of Aug 24-27, 2020.

Answer - Your registration and sponsorship (where applicable) is automatically transferred to the new event dates. No action is required at your end.


Question - Do I need to cancel and reconfirm the hotel room at Aloft/Element? Is there can cost for cancellation?

Answer - Summit room block is at Aloft/Element. We have asked Aloft/Element to cancel all the reservations made as part of the group. There is no cancellation cost. Please reach out to Anna Loose <> if there are any questions. Please verify with them to make sure that they are handled appropriately and you are not charged for them. You can make your reservations for August, via the new reservation link here -


Question - What is the agenda for the event dates of Aug 24-27, 2020

Answer - We are reworking the agenda for the event dates. The updated agenda is going to be announced soon.


Question - What is the agenda for the Virtual Summit on Mar 31st? What do I need to do to attend it?

Answer - If you are registered to attend the 2020 Summit, then you are automatically registered for Mar 31st Virtual Summit. No additional registration is needed. We are going to share the agenda for Mar 31st as well as instructions to attend the Summit from your computer in the upcoming days.

Question - What if the new dates in August do not work for me?

Answer - If the new dates in August do not work for you, then you are definitely going to be missed and here are few options

  1. Transfer the registration to your peer in the organization at no cost.
  2. Transfer your registrations to the 2021 CULytics Summit. 2021 event is planned for the Q1/Q2 timeframe.
  3. There are going to be two full days of live streaming of the event for attendees who cannot travel. You can transfer your registration to a live stream ticket. This live stream will allow even their colleagues to join if they are doing live streaming from a conference room.
  4. The entire event keynotes and case study sessions are going to be recorded. You can sign up for CULytics Transformation Center, where you have access to video recording and presentations for all the annual Summits as well as webinars. This will entitle to a 50% refund in registration fees paid.
  5. In case none of these options work then please contact and we will work with you on processing the refund.


Question - Is there cost associated with changing the flights?

Answer - Even though we do not have any prior arrangements/agreements with airlines, we are seeing a good number of events being canceled and hopefully they are going to waive the change fees. I got an email from United Airlines that they are making they are eliminating change fee for tickets bought between 3/3 – 3/30. Not sure, how they plan to handle cancellations given this unique and unprecedented situation when the fights are in the month of Mar/April. Please talk to your airlines and see what they are saying? We can issue a letter providing the context and why the Summit was moved and see if they would take this letter and waive the change fees. Please post a comment here so that other attendees can benefit as well.


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