As many of us know, real-time data is necessary for any credit union looking to keep up with their members’ ever-changing digital behaviors. While real-time transaction monitoring is becoming an industry standard, many are left thinking, “now what”? How can real-time transaction data be used to improve the overall health of your credit union?

BECU, the 4th largest credit union in North America, prides themselves on continuously providing the best member experience possible. BECU currently has $18.6 Billion in assets and over 240 self-serve ATMs – with a high percentage of the fleet averaging over 12,000 -15,000 transactions per ATM per month. With ATMs acting as the main touchpoint for member services, BECU knew they needed a centralized, trusted source of data to collect and monitor every member engagement in real-time, across every channel.

 “Understanding the member experience is of paramount importance to BECU. INETCO’s transaction monitoring and analytics solutions effectively shrinks our member transaction data gathering and analysis time from weeks down to minutes – which allows us to make decisions based on timely and comprehensive cardholder analytics….” Shirley Taylor – Digital Channel Manager, BECU Product Management

With INETCO’s real-time transaction monitoring and on-demand analytics software, BECU was able to not only improve ATM channel visibility, but also the overall member experience. By monitoring member queues and cash utilization levels at every individual ATM across the entire fleet in real-time, BECU was able to determine strategic ATM placement for fleet expansion. With strategically placed ATMs, members are able to enjoy reduced queues, convenient locations, and a better overall experience!

Other added benefits to BECU through INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics include:

  • Improved ATM availability and reduced mean-time-to-repair
  • Accelerated reporting cycles with improved on-demand reporting and ad hoc queries
  • Increased visibility into every customer interaction across all self-service channels

To learn more about how BECU has improved overall member experience while reducing operational costs, watch the corresponding CULytics and INETCO webinar titled, “Turning Transaction Data into a Goldmine: A BECU Case Study”, or check out this short 2-minute BECU ATM Management video.

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