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Take a survey and get $10....if you act fast

We are conducting a survey to determine the topic areas of most interest for the 2018 Credit Union Analytics Summit.  Not only will this help us organize the best possible conference but it will also be a demonstration project for a marketing analytics method called Maximum Difference (MaxDiff) scaling. 

MaxDiff is more than a basic ranking survey or rating exercise.  If is a form of discrete choice modeling which asks the the respondent to choose the most interesting and the least interesting topics from a subset of all the possible topics.  After several of these questions and with some analysis it's possible to determine a rank order of preferences that is often more accurate than if the respondent had been asked to just rank order the topics directly. 

Also, MaxDiff results can be used for a method called Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency (TURF) analysis.  TURF analysis can be used for optimizing the topics at the 2018 Summit so that the most possible respondents have their highest interest topics covered at the Summit given the limited amount of time.

These are both very useful methods for choosing products to offer or features to communicate when marketing space or resources are limited.  We will be presenting the results and analysis (MaxDiff and TURF) at the 2018 Summit and how those compare to the final agenda for the meeting.

The survey should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and an incentive for taking the time to go through the questions we will be sending a $10 Amazon gift code to the first 200 respondents who provide their business contact information.  Also, if you complete the survey and choose to attend the conference we will be doing a drawing for $250 during the 2018 Summit.

If you choose to complete the survey please give it your attention and consider your responses carefully.  The link to the survey is below.

Pre-Conference Survey 

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    It takes 10-15 min of your time and helps distill the topics of interest for the upcoming summit. I urge all of you to take this survey.
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