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Address: One Rogers Street, Cambridge MA 02142

Sales Contact: Ryan Malinoski

Phone: 240-444-3208

Business Since: 1983

Number of Customers: 500

Offering Overview

Pega's CRM and marketing applications leverage real-time decision management to guide actions and optimize process outcomes based on business objectives. Pega Next-Best-Action analytics leverage AI technologies that predict and adapt to customer behavior to improve both business outcomes and the customer experience.…

Address: 2540 North First Street, Suite 108 San Jose, CA 95131

Sales Contact: Krishnan Venkata

Phone: 609-350-4112

Business Since: 2006

Number of Customers: 60

Offering Overview

LatentView is a leading global analytics and decision sciences provider, delivering solutions that help companies drive digital transformation and use data to gain a competitive advantage. LatentView helps clients harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform their business processes, drive innovation and enhance customer experience.


Address: 1621 N 34th Street, Seattle, WA . 98103

Sales Contact: Kim Minor

Phone: 860-593-7842

Business Since: 2003

Number of Customers: Over 50,000

Offering Overview

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Offering a revolutionary new approach to business intelligence, Tableau allows you to quickly connect, analyze, and share data visualizations with a seamless experience from the PC to the iPad. Create and publish dashboards and share them with colleagues, partners, or customers—no programming skills required. See how Tableau can help your…

Address: 7 Old Snake Pond Rd. Sandwich, MA 02644

Sales Contact: Brewster Knowlton

Phone: 860-593-7842

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 24 Credit Union customers and 15+ non-CU customers. Over 3,500 students trained in SQL courses.

Offering Overview

The Knowlton Group was founded to improve the analytics maturity of all organizations by taking a practical, cost-effective approach to solving key business problems through data and analytics technologies. The Knowlton Group provides strategic advisory services in the areas of data, analytics, digital…

Address: 4701, Patrick Henry Drive, Building 16, Suite 14, Santa Clara, California

Sales Contact: Ed Meehan

Phone: 408-375-8346

Business Since: 2011

Number of Customers: 25

Offering Overview

Tiger Analytics is an analytics and data science consulting partner enabling enterprises to generate business value through data.

Today, it is a trusted partner for several Fortune 100 companies, who are leaders in their respective industries. Tiger Analytics bring deep expertise in marketing science, customer analytics, operations & planning analytics, and…

Address: 1380 Rodick Road, Suite 102, Markham, ON L3R 4G5

Phone: 866.475.9876

Business Since: 2000

Number of Customers: 800

Offering Overview

The Doxim Customer Engagement Platform is designed to help financial institutions transform their client experience, from automated client onboarding, through improved, personalized communications to anytime, anywhere content access.…

Contact: Dylan Tancill

Phone: 978-275-8204

Business Since: 1985

Number of Customers: 40,000 worldwide, 700+ Credit Unions

Offering Overview

A self-service data prep/ETL solution used by credit unions & banks for over 20 years to automate the data collection, preparation & distribution for reporting (i.e. 5300 call report), fraud detection, core conversions, reconciliation and other use cases.…

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 1200+

Offering Overview

Formget allows you to create dynamic online forms, capture leads and collect payments in minutes. 

It is easy to setup with users on an average taking not more than 10 minutes to setup their forms.

The forms can be embedded in the website, or can be standalone forms or can be slide out.

It is integrated with MailGet so that leads captured can be part of the email campaign with…

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 1200+

Offering Overview

MailGet is an email client, a perfect solution for email marketing. One can send mass emails to reach their prospective customers via Amazon SES and other SMTPs. It has very low price i.e. 100x cheaper as compared to other mailing services. One can also use this email builder to create best templates for newsletters, campaigns, promotions etc.

 It is easy to setup with users on an average taking not more…

Address: 3455 Plymouth blvd suite 200 Plymouth, MN 55447

Phone: 320.444.0291

Business Since: 2005

Number of Customers: 47

Offering Overview

OnApproach is a CUSO that focuses on providing credit unions with the power to use data as a competitive advantage both independently and cooperatively. With OnApproach, credit unions can now harness the value of Big Data/Analytics through integration, advanced reporting, and predictive analytics. This deeper understanding of data allows credit unions to discover vital trends in member behavior, resulting in improved financial performance, reduced…

Contact: Charles Rodriguez

Phone: 949-395-6439

Business Since: 2013

Number of Customers: 30+

Offering Overview

Setit Credit is a powerful tool that reduces interchange erosion threats, (Direct Billers, Other Financial Institutions, Merchant ACH), increases interchange revenue, reduces fraud, tracks vendor penetration, and provides Members with an easy streamlined way to update expired cards. …

Address: Suite 118, 2635 North First Street, San Jose, CA 95070

Contact: Alok Aggarwal

Email: Alok.Aggarwal@scryanalytics.com

Phone: 408 872 1078

Business Since: 2014

Offering Overview

Scry Collatio is an automated platform cum solution that ingests your data into pre-built containers and creates a Single Source of Truth (with 95%+ accuracy). Once the data is in the containers, machine learning and natural language processing algorithms enable your business to improve the accuracy of the data. Analyzing…

Contact: Ramneet Rekhi

Phone: 916-939-5104

Business Since: 1993

Number of Customers:
500+ customers worldwide / Working (in the very early stages) with two credit unions

Offering Overview

R Systems has successfully executed a number of analytics-related projects in Customer Experience Management, Customer Interaction Analytics, Customer Life Cycle Management and Risk and Compliance. Our Marquee engagement, Analytics Gym©, helps our clients get quick answers to two of the hardest questions when trying to operationalize advanced analytics within the Enterprise:  What to do? and How to…

Address: 1525, McCarthy Blvd, Suite 1133 Milpitas, CA - 95035

Phone: (408) 475-7873 / (408) 215-2031

Business Since: 2012

Number of Customers: 18

Offering Overview

We provide strategy consulting, managed services and support on Analytics, MDM, Data Governance, Big Data, Visualization and Cloud. Our Data Scientists have helped financial institutions establish analytics practice to drive their growth via new products, services, partners and markets. In addition, we also specialize in Hadoop, SAP HANA/BI, MDM, Tableau and Alteryx implementations.Decision Minds are leading industry experts who make…


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