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Decision Minds provides strategy consulting, managed services and support on Analytics, MDM, Data Governance, Big Data, Visualization and Cloud.  Our Data Scientists have helped number of financial institutions, high-tech and Saas companies establish analytics practice to drive their growth via new products, services, partners and markets. In addition, we also specialize in Hadoop, SAP HANA/BI, MDM, Tableau and Alteryx implementations.

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R Systems helps clients uncover actionable insights to drive competitive advantage and capture business value. We help organizations integrate and operationalize data analytics solutions, enabling them to gain visibility into previously opaque or hard to measure processes. This empowers our clients to make smarter business decisions.

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Scry Analytics provides innovative solutions that combine artificial intelligence with subject matter expertise that provide automated actionable insights for your most pressing problems.

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Setit Credit is a powerful tool that reduces interchange erosion threats, (Direct Billers, Other Financial Institutions, Merchant ACH), increases interchange revenue, reduces fraud, tracks vendor penetration, and provides Members with an easy streamlined way to update expired cards.

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Starting on your data and analytics journey can be quite challenging and may require you to jump quite some hoops. At times you might want to accelerate the delivering of compelling results with a trusted partner and/or solution.

Solutions Gallery provides a list of vendor partners with products, solutions and services that have been reviewed by your peers.

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Q : Is the information provided from partners verified?

A: The information provided by the partners is not verified by Culytics or another third party.

Q : What is the difference between Services, Solutions and Products?

A: In the Solution Gallery are listed - Services, Solutions and Products.

Products are shrink-wrapped products that can be purchased without requiring professional services.

Solutions are typically accelerators/repeatable products and require professional services when purchased.

Services are consulting services which can be purchased either on time and material basis or fixed-scope/budget basis.