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Questions to CU Data Leaders - Need input

I am putting together few questions to ask data leaders (business leaders from different business functions) in our organization. What would be the key question/s you would ask to your CU data leader?  Few sample questions below; Q1. How easy or difficult was it for you to get data you needed when you joined FT.  How did you use the data and how much effort or time would you/team spend on data prep?   Q2. For a moment, let’s assume you have all the data you need, what would you do next?   Q3.…

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What CU industry can learn from "Jerk" book by author Chris Surdak?

Many of you who attended the CUAS2017 agree there were interesting nuggets of info from many speakers, panel discussion and keynotes. One such keynote session was around "Digital Transformation" from author Chris Surdak.  What can CU's learn from the 12 principles addressed by Chris? Can CU's take on the competition from few of the "too big to fail" competitors? Chime in your comments here.

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Are your members getting appropriate return on their investment in your credit union? How do you really measure the performance of your credit union? These are top questions on the mind of CU executives.

Mike Higgins discussed these in the webinar…
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