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A community-based program of education, exchange and inspiration is what we offer. Our program benefits everyone involved. The topics are data-centric, interactive and, in large part, selected by our members. Our Workshop series, where you’re actively engaged and focused on participant business challenges, along with Webinars, Case-Studies, Vendor Evaluations and a variety of tools like the Data Governance Application and Credit Union Peer Benchmark, make up the core of the program.


Member Organizations

Member Organizations

The strength of our community is it members. In the CULytics community, you will have a chance to work with leaders from the most progressive and successful credit unions in the industry. We are proud of our members and believe their ranks speak volumes about the value of membership.

Membership Tier

Membership Tiers


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Member Testimonials

We’re confident that your experience as part of the CULytics community will be just as valuable as our current members. Here's what they have to say.