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Workshop – Create an Onboarding Strategy that Delivers Success

About The Workshop

About this Workshop

A great onboarding process goes beyond the traditional aspects on what needs to be covered during this stage of your member’s journey. Not only should you welcome new members to your organization, you should start providing them value, so they know their time and money aren’t going to waste.

In this workshop learn how to design the best fit Member Onboarding Strategy for your Credit Union.

What you will Learn

What you will learn

  • Understand the best practices to include in your onboarding process.
  • Discuss various onboarding methods and discover what is best for your members and your organization.
  • Deliver immediate value to the members and business.
  • Reward desired behaviors.


Bob Little

Advisor, CULytics

Bob is a proven marketing and product strategy executive for fast growing organization. He has led corporate marketing, product marketing and product management teams to identify emerging trends, to create and launch new products, to build market demand and to achieve revenue targets.

Naveen Jain

President and Founder, CULytics

Credit union leader experienced in actionable strategic planning, data analytics, marketing, and innovation that deliver immediate ROI at multi-billion dollar institutions.

Delivers the perfect composition of innovation and pragmatism - blending both technical and strategic expertise. Empower the lines of business to make measured, data-driven-decisions, and bring to light the abundance of low-hanging-fruit within your data by guiding organizations through the many stages of analytics maturity.

Workshop Content



Understanding Member Onboarding Strategy

In this session, learn about what member on boarding is. Discuss some common problems which Credit Unions face while designing a member on boarding strategy. You will also take away insights on how to assess member on boarding programs.

End the session with self assessment questions to help understand your current member on boarding program before proceeding to part two.


Implementing a Relevant Member Onboarding Strategy

In the second part of this workshop, understand credit union and member view of Onboarding. Learn how to implement the right model for your Credit Union.



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