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Data Warehousing

With such vast, desperate data sources, I find that it can be a challenge to answer certain business questions that should be easy. Our core is great 3NF schema, but not well suited to analytical use cases.

I'm wondering what BI platforms other credit unions use to integrate and analyze their data. Have others created their own OLAP schema? If so, what data store? Any experience with Redshift, BigQuery, or other cloud services?

On the other hand, does anyone use a fintech partner in this area that they would recommend?

I'd appreciate your input!

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    Erik, I'd say we are at the very earliest stages of our design. I've been meeting with business owners and investigating the [unimpressive] reporting and integration capabilities of our vendors.

    I'm considering a data lake and associated processes to aggregate the information as a good first step. As always, I'm interested in hearing others experiences and setups.

  • CU Employee

    Yes, thank you Naveen! 

    Are there any other resources specific to the design & development of a data warehouse which you could also recommend?

    Brenton, just curious, at what stage are you currently at in your design process?  We are also in the same crossroads with the design.  I know a Data Warehouse is never fully complete & can change at any moment.



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    Thanks Naveen. I watched your talk and a few others from the previous summits--they were great resources!

    I appreciate the advice and this community.

  • CU Employee CULytics Founder

    Hi Brenton,

    Checkout the recordings from 2017 and 2016 Summits. I discussed in details our approach to driving analytics maturity at FIrst Tech Credit Union.

    Basically, here is the approach we took.

    1. Understand the overall enterprise business requirements

    2. Put together strategy and roadmap. Get executive alignment and alignment with upper/mid management.

    3. Create business case and get funding

    4. Execute on strategy.

    a. Focused first on driving Staff experiences and efficiencies. Invested in BI tools, created power users community, create processes to bring people and processes together.

    b. Invested in automating member experiences. Invested in Marketing Automation.

    c. Investing in data warehouse, data governance

    d. Investing in Advanced Analytics.

    If interested, I am open for short phone call.



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