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"Yours sure sounds like really valuable, mission-oriented work there, Jeff. Very fond hopes for your success! Unfortunately, my own lifetime value model-building isn't far along enough to challenge the $2,000 figure your source offers to you. What I…"
Nov 21
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Is there anyone who feels they’ve settled on really robust logic for aggregating members into households that maintain some reasonable level of integrity over the time dimension? If so, do you mind sharing some of the key principles that guide your…
Nov 6
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"Three quick thoughts to develop this topic of online banking analytics a bit further.

A very common metric we see compared among credit unions is online/mobile banking penetration -- that is, the percentage of all members who've used online or mobi…"
Oct 11
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"Hello folks... time for another addition to this thread, harkening back to issue #4 of my original post.
Set aside the woefully irrationally priced products I talked about last time, and how they uniquely complicate measurement of member lifetime va…"
Sep 14
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"So here's my take.
The best implementations of personalization on our external websites necessarily require users to identify themselves. It's how we link member-visitors to the rich profiles we've constructed in our data warehouses. Our websites ca…"
Sep 13
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"Thanks for your post, Jae.
I'll speak only for myself, but I'm increasingly of the mind that we should think of managing data along a spectrum. Some data consumers within our credit unions will be best served with the neatly curated fact and dimensi…"
Sep 11
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"Is your assumption, Rajesh, that a telephone call is a superior form of service extension than an e-mail (not constrained by the TCPA) that calls attention to the incomplete application and invites the applicant to call a direct dial number for assi…"
Aug 27
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Aug 27
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"Hi everyone,
I noted in my previous post (a reply to Justin) that one important caveat we want to consider in building a model of member lifetime value in a credit union context comes from understanding quite common — and unfortunately irrational —…"
Jul 13
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"Sometimes these “single version of the truth” discussions force credit unions to admit nuances to core concepts they've bandied about too carelessly for years. The example I like to cite is how our credit union wrangled over the seemingly simple que…"
Jun 28
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"Thanks, Justin, for your additional thoughts.
In the context of member lifetime value, I’m thinking of profitability in a broad — but financial — way. It’s about net revenue to the credit union (with all the considerations you suggest), to the exten…"
Jun 28
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"Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Richard. The concept of situating analytics in the widest possible enterprise context in early stages is a provocative one, sure to excite as quickly as it challenges. If you don’t mind, I’ll offer a contrasting vi…"
Jun 28
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In his influential book, Customer Centricity, Peter Fader urges marketing analysts to identify and understand the traits of a company’s most valuable customers – and argues the merits of using that knowledge to guide the company's most rational use…
Apr 16
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"Folks interested in geocoding may want to consult this previous post for some introductory information. Solutions noted there include ESRI, MapInfo, ggmap for R — and I understand more recently that Alteryx also enables geocoding capabilities. I do…"
Apr 16
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"Great post, Donnie.
The practice of sharing online banking access seems to anticipate some of the “consumers-are-king” thinking that’s fueling initiatives like PSD2. I’d like to think that smart, progressive credit unions can win in that environment…"
Mar 26
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"You bet, Naveen. Here's a little primer for anyone unfamiliar, given my humble experience.
Essentially, geocoding involves the process of tagging the addresses of members or prospective members (or sites of interest, including competitor locations)…"
Mar 25