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"Welcome, Nimesh Gandhi, from Persistent Systems, Ltd, — writers of software for digital transformation. It's a great pleasure to have you part of the CULytics community, and we look forward to learning more about how analytics figures into the platf…"
12 hours ago
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"Nice to welcome TW Jolly of Midland States Bank to the CULytics community. Please make a stop at our 'Introduce Yourself' message thread, TW, and share a little about your analytics interests. Glad to have you aboard!"
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"Very pleased to see Kevin Sieck join Ramesh Hariharan from LatentView in the CULytics Solutions Gallery. Welcome, Kevin!"
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"Very pleased to welcome Eric Tibby from Pegasystems to the CULytics Solutions Gallery. Hi company has been doing exciting things with bringing AI to their flagship CRM platform, and I'm sure this community will benefit greatly from Eric's insights a…"
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"Great to have Golden 1 CU represented in the CULytics community by Dustin Luton, their EVP for Finance and Risk. Stop by our 'Introduce Yourself' thread if you would, Dustin, and let us know how your credit union is engaging analytics and where you…"
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"A warm CULytics welcome to Bernard McLaughlin, CEO of Point Breeze CU in Maryland! Stop by our 'introduce yourself' message thread, Bernard, and let us know about your credit union's analytics priorities for this year and next. Great to have you joi…"
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"Very nice to have you become part of the CULytics community, Britney! She comes to us from Advia CU's marketing department, and we're excited to include her. Where to start? I recommend the 'Introduce Yourself' discussion thread: http://culytics.com…"
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"Very pleased to extend cordial CULytics greetings to Daniel Kimble of Resonance Executive Coaching — he's leading next week's webinar on data storytelling. It's an event I strongly encourage everyone to attend: http://culytics.com/events/webinar-it-…"
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"Many thanks to Anoop Goyal of Telemonks and Able-One for bringing his thought leadership to the CULytics community. Check out the contributions he's already making here, and please join me in extending a very warm welcome!"
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"I'm thrilled to welcome Jessica Gwizdala to the CULytics community from United Financial CU, based in Saginaw. Share with the group, if you would, Jessica, a little about yourself and your credit union's analytics ambitions in our Introduce Yourself…"
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"Great to have Jamieson Mackay, SVP from Gulf Coast Educators FCU, join the CULytics group today. Please take a minute, Jamieson, to share a little background on your CU's analytics ambitions on our 'Introduce Yourself' message thread — http://culyti…"
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"A warm CULytics welcome to Stephanie Coon, new to this community from Azura CU's marketing team. Certainly analytics is transforming our industry's communications to members — nice to have Stephanie as a participant in those discussions!"
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"Very nice to have Sophean Lim from DataKitchen dialing in from Cambridge, MA to engage with the CULytics community. His company is taking a big swing at helping analytics be a more dynamic, agile process — something I think might interest a great ma…"
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"I'm delighted to welcome Chris Howard, SVP from Callahan and Associates, to the CULytics community. His strategic perspective is certain to add to the discussions here in exciting ways -- thanks for participating, Chris!"
Aug 16
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"A very warm welcome also to Brett Martinez, CEO of Redwood CU, centered in Santa Rosa. Another exciting opportunity for all of us to engage his progressive credit union in discussions around what analytics best practices they've fixed on. Great to h…"
Aug 16
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"It's a real pleasure to welcome Bay Federal's CEO, Carrie Birkhofer, to the CULytics community! It'll be exciting to hear her perspectives on the role of business intelligence and analytics at her growing, forward-leaning credit union. Thanks for yo…"
Aug 16